Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Friendly Neighbour and Climbing the Bed Frame

I woke up early after a good night's sleep.

I did a bit of housework in Harvey J whilst Chris was clearing and tidying the inside of the farmhouse kitchen (the back of the farmhouse). 

Back of the farmhouse
This was to be Chris's workshop for the time being. We called it the farmhouse kitchen because that is what we plan for it to be in the future. However I think it will be Chris's workshop for quite some time! 

In fact, we might as well call it the workshop for now as I can't see much cooking going on in there for a while!

Chris tidying the farmhouse kitchen/workshop
 I spent some of the morning gathering pieces of wood from the barn and bringing them to Chris where he sorted them. This is where a wheelbarrow would have come in really handy!

Max practicing walking the tightrope in the barn
At midday I decided to clean the windows of the cottage back door. Whilst doing this, I heard a tractor stop outside. I went through to the front door. The tractor driver had disappeared. He had gone round to the back door and I could him saying, 'Bonjour, Bonjour'. He'd seen me cleaning the windows and had stopped to say hello. Chris and I went round to greet him. We all shook hands and introduced ourselves. He said his name was Serge (this is not his real name but the one I've chosen for the purpose of this blog just in case Serge does not want to be blogged about!).
He was very friendly and spoke French very fast. We tried our best to understand and speak to him in French including my 'nous cherchons la fosse septique' when he said he had noticed we had cleared the frontage. He told us that we were neighbours as he had a farm nearby. He very kindly gave us his number in case we needed anything.

After Serge had left, we stopped for lunch and had bacon baquettes outside as it was such lovely weather. We were both thinking, 'This is the life'. Our friendly neighbour's visit had given us both a lift.

In the afternoon we carried on clearing the workshop and collecting wood.

At about 4pm, I decided to pick blackberries for a crumble. We literally have hundreds of them.

I also made a start on cutting back some of the brambles and ivy from around one of the farmhouse windows.

Brambles and ivy growing up around the window
Spencer kept me company......

By the end of the afternoon, the workshop was looking really good. Chris had been relentless in clearing it.

A quick reminder.....this is how it looked when we arrived........

...and now.......

The tidied workshop
.....much better......

The tidied workshop
Late afternoon, we had a cup of tea and Chris said he'd like to investigate the upstairs of the farmhouse to see if could find any wood to make his workbench. I thought this should be interesting as there's no staircase! We both put on our hard hats and Chris climbed the bed frame up to the first floor. He'd used this method when we viewed the property in June as he had wanted to inspect the inside of the roof and the chimney breast amongst other things.

The old bed frame used as a ladder
I really wanted to climb up too but I decided not to as I didn't think I'd get back down again!!

Chris climbing the bed frame
Chris found some useful stuff up there including guttering, wood and roofing hooks.

After dinner, I cut some more of the brambles at the front (I said it was addictive!) and managed to reach the trunk of the large oak tree. This was good as we were going to have to cut the tree down at some point in the future as it is too near the house.

Clearing the brambles to the oak tree
My blackberry crumble would have to wait until tomorrow as we were too full to eat it!

Thanks for popping by,

Maggie xx


  1. Hi, I came over from Fat Dormouse's blog. I'm going to have to find the very beginning of your journey to read it all! What I've gathered so far fascinates me and sounds like something I would LOVE to do given another lifetime (and a different husband). ;-)

  2. All caught up now. I'd love to know more; where you are originally from; when the dream to own a French farmhouse started, how much property goes with the house, etc. I just love the beautiful old stone structure; it will be amazing when it is brought back to life!

  3. Oh wow! You and Chris are making some wonderful progress. I would love to have some blackberry crumble. Let me know the next time you are making some...I will be on the next plane! Looks like Max and Spencer are quite happy with their new home.

  4. Merci! You guys are amazing between the deck railing at home and working on the farmhouse. Are you retired or do you still work at jobs too? How long does it take to get from home to the farm? Harvey J is a godsend for fixing up the farmhouse. Those baquettes looked yummy and the crumble too! I wish I could come visit!


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