Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Morning Stroll amongst the Brambles

We woke up early feeling so excited to be here......our first morning.

Chris had set his mind on doing some'll see why in the photos below!

The grass was a bit too dewy for strimming so we took a stroll around the perimeter to remind ourselves of it all.

Loads of photos to follow that we wanted to keep as 'before' pics. They mean a lot to us and you may find them interesting but please feel free to scroll through them quickly!

Towards the back of the barn and to the maize field beyond

Chris and Spencer lead the way towards the back of the property
I think we might need more than a strimmer!! Maybe a herd of goats!

At the back left corner...very overgrown with the maize field behind

This will all be a lovely garden/orchard/veggie patch one day!

Across the back of the barn....long grass and brambles
Loads of blackberries for time I'm bringing my jam making pan!

From the back of the barn to the left

Looking back at the barn

Heading towards the back right corner across the back of the barn
A beautiful sunrise and blue skies on our first morning....
The maize field at the back


Looking back at the right hand side of the barn
Another garden to be discovered?....or created.....

Looking back down the right hand side of the property

The maize field on the right
There are fields of maize all around......

Looking back down the right hand boundary and the maize field

At the right hand back corner
You can see the tower of our little windmill in the next one.....
Down the right hand side of the barn
At right of barn showing side panels in undergrowth

Maize field to the back

Back into the barn
The previous owner was a carpenter and there is lots of wood everywhere.

The brambles have encroached into the back of the barn.

Towards the back of the barn showing the brambles
You can see why Chris wants to do some strimming!

Around to the front of the beautiful farmhouse.....
Through the barn sliding door to the front of the farmhouse
There is a lovely old oak tree but it will have to be felled as it is too close to the house.

The large oak tree that will have to be felled
This will be a lovely garden one day with pretty flowers and somewhere to sip tea or wine!
Looking back at the sliding door of the barn.

The overgrown front of the farmhouse
The farmhouse windows are one of my favourite features.....
Side of the farmhouse with attached cottage

Taken from the base of the windmill tower, the attached cottage and road to the left
There's a large pond in this undergrowth somewhere!
Looking to the right at the overgrown 'garden' and maize field beyond
We can't wait to give this house the love and care it deserves....
Front of the farmhouse

The side driveway and back of the farmhouse

Overgrown frontage at the side of the cottage with the road to the right

I have more to tell about our first day but this post is long enough already so I'll put the rest in the next one!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. It is so gorgeous. I love it. I know it will be even more beautiful after you and Chris work your magic. I'd been wondering why you hadn't been posting on your other blog -- now I know. You are going to be mighty busy for a while.

  2. I love the windows, too! You two will love it back to life!


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