Sunday, 31 August 2014

A New Fence and French Beans

So earlier today, we had the excitement and relief of our dear little cat Max returning after having disappeared for 30 hours! 

After we had come down from the euphoric cloud, Chris and I decided our task today was to put a temporary fence up at the front of the cottage. For two reasons: to stop Spencer running into the road (we didn't want any more animal dramas or upsets) and for extra security for the property. 

My first job was to cut back some gorse as we needed to clear an area..... Chris could put in some posts for the new fence.

Chris also cut some branches from a tree near the entrance to make it easier to drive in from the road..especially after we got stuck in the mud last week!

This long handled lopper is brilliant!

I cleared the foliage using my new wheelbarrow!

Spencer helped too!

It was very hot in the afternoon so I changed tack and cleaned the kitchen table and one of the benches in the cottage as it was cool in there.

My washing was drying nicely on the line.

Chris carried on working on the fence and by the end of the day it was in place.

No running into the road now Spencer!
For dinner we had the shepherds pie leftover from yesterday with some french beans. 

We had found the beans just down the road when we were searching for Max yesterday. There were handfuls on the verge that had fallen from the trailer so we helped ourselves. They were delicious and so tender.

In the early evening Chris ventured up the ladder to the loft in the farmhouse to try to retrieve a stepladder. He was going to use our tree lopper to try to drag it towards him as the floor is dodgy up there.  In the end he decided it was too risky and came back down empty handed.

Indiana Jones? Maybe in a different hat...
The rest of the evening I spent clearing some of the rotten wood from the barn. 

Chris drilled out the lock on the farmhouse door as it had been left locked and there was no key. We now know which size we have to buy for our new lock.

Tomorrow we need to go shopping and this time we must return with a ladder!!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. My goodness, you worked so hard while you were there! I'm sure the fence makes you feel better about Spencer. He's such a dear.

  2. You really have taken on quite a lot and it is difficult when you are back and forth, Sure that you will very soon have a lovely home though. Diane

  3. You guys are like Swiss Family Robinson! Making a fence and gate in an afternoon?
    You guys are amazing! I had no idea you went for a month. I guess I thought you were going there on the weekends. I guess it was farther than I thought. LOL! It's a big project but how fullfilling. Keep up the great work!


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