Sunday, 24 August 2014

Frogs Legs for Dinner?

We woke up around 9am.  

Chris was straight outside putting a handle on the cottage front door.

 He then asked me to help him put up the house sign he had made. When we viewed the house back in the Spring, we knew there wasn't a house sign. We wanted to make sure the postman knew where we were so Chris had made a beautiful wooden sign when we were back home in England.

Chris had to drill holes in the stone in the side of the cottage, the part that faces the road. It was hard going but it was worth it as the sign is now up and it looks just right...the wood against the stone.

When I wasn't helping Chris by passing him the drill or screws or assessing whether the sign was straight or not, I went to look at the property boundaries from the road. They both seemed to have ditches although it's difficult to see this in the photos.

Boundary to the right from the road

Boundary to the left from the road
View down the road showing side of cottage
We then had a late breakfast. I suggested we should have a place in the barn where we can put rubbish that is too big or difficult for us to dispose of at the moment. We may have to get a trailer to take it all to the dechetterie in the future.

I thought the back of the barn would be a good place, out of the way, but Chris suggested the area outside the double doors of the workshop by the old diesel tank. It wouldn't be too far to carry stuff and there was already a diesel spillage there.

We agreed on this and made a start on clearing this area.

Clearing the area by the diesel tank
In the afternoon we started putting large or difficult items in the cleared area.

Me collecting rubbish
At one point we disturbed some tiny frogs!

Frog amongst the rubbish
Late afternoon, I decided to have another bash at the brambles around the oak tree at the front. I made good progress and we are now able to see the pond that lays behind it. It's a very large overgrown pond with no water.

Oak tree with pond behind
I also cut some ivy and brambles from near the front door of the farmhouse. I can definitely see a difference here.

Here's a pic of when we first arrived......

...and now.......much better.......

I found this beautiful iridescent beetle climbing the farmhouse wall. I tried to research it's name but there are lots of iridescent beetles and I wouldn't like to hazard a guess.

Iridescent beetle
Also this rather beautiful piece of lichen fell off the oak tree. Again I tried to research it. I didn't realise there are so many types of lichen! All I know is that it is a tubed tree lichen. 

Fascinating all those little 'pipes'....a mini brass band!

Chris spent some time sorting some of the hardware he had found.

We then had dinner and ate the crumble I had made yesterday for pudding.

Yum yum!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Goodness me! Haven't you been busy?! I don't think I would have the energy/motivation to do all that you are doing. Are you going to tell us the name of your cottage?

  2. I saw your mention of this at Chez Loulou. It looks like a very nice house (some day), and lovely stonework. O, brave pioneers! Good luck, and I'll keep reading.

  3. Loving your progress and your farmhouse! It looks much better and you guys are getting so much done! I have a brick house but I would prefer stone any's so pretty. A pond? Can it be filled? What's next on the list? LOL!


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