Sunday, 31 August 2014

Return of the Max!

Return of the Max, Return of the Max......that's what I've been singing all day! 

I know Mark Morrison's song is Return of the MACK but I've been singing MAX instead...why? I'm sure you've guessed....

Max the cat returned last night!

Hooray, hoorah, celebrations, hip hip hooray!

SO this is what happened...

As Max had gone AWOL, I could hardly sleep at all last night. I managed to doze off for a bit then awoke at 2.30am. I got up to make a drink and thought I'd check outside for Max. I opened the door and a few seconds later, Max appeared, no worse for wear, in fact as bright and breezy as he'd ever been. My exclamations of relief woke Chris up and I heard him say in disbelief, 'Is he back?' I said 'Yes unless I'm dreaming'. 

Of course we were all awake by then, so, after lots of cuddles with the Rascal Max, I opened a tin of tuna which I shared between Max and Spencer whilst Chris and I had a cup of tea and both breathed a deep sigh of relief...

I managed to get some sleep then knowing our little family was all safe and sound and tucked up in Harvey J.

In the morning, I keep thinking I was dreaming and at any moment I was going to wake up and say to Chris, 'I had a dream where Max came back'.

But he WAS really back and we were both thrilled. I know cats go for a wander sometimes but Max had been gone for 30 hours and in the middle of the French countryside in relatively unknown territory. I will never know where he had been all that time but although he was fine, he certainly kept close by all day. In fact he followed me around most of the day apart from a long sleep above the cab. 

Max having a long snooze above the cab
I took lots of photos of him today as I was so happy to see him. Elated is more the word. 

It's made me realise how much Max means to me and how precious he is.

Max loves to find something to sit this case an old piece of wood.
Following me into the cottage

And then following me out!

Even the two boys seemed particularly close today.
So pleased to have my little Max back

One of his favourite places....these metal sheets warm up from the sun and Max loves it!
From now on, I'm fetching Max in before it gets dark and I'm keeping an extra close eye on him......I don't want to go through that again!

Do you have any stories of pets that have gone missing then happily returned? I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for popping by,

Maggie xx


  1. What a relief! When I was a young teenager we had a dog go missing. We lived in the country but didn't let our dog run free. This particular dog, Snuffy, was an American Eskimo Spitz, so he was smart, but also hardheaded. He got loose and my dad called him to come back, but he just looked back at my dad with defiance. Sadly, it did not have a happy ending. Months later, my brother found his body quite a distance from our house. He had been hit by a car. I'm so glad your missing pet story has a happy outcome!

  2. What a relief it must have been for you! I hadn't read your blog for a couple of days, so I came in on the "Max is Back" post, so I knew there was a happy ending. I'm very glad about that! Keep safe, Max!

  3. I have just been catching up with all your posts, presumably you are now back in the UK. Sounds like there is a lot to do in France, after 9 years we are still finding much work to do. In fact we have had to redo all of the new fosse and the drainage cause the idiot that did it for us when we bought the house did not do it properly. We were not here then to watch!!! Even more expensive second time around! Never the less we love this place and haveno desire to return to the UK.

    So glad Max returned,nothing worse than a four legged member of the family going AWOL.

    Take care Diane

  4. I keep my cat inside around here as there are so many "critters". We have lots here so she's safer inside with me. I hate to do that but I know she wouldn't last one night out there. In the summer I open the windows on the porch and she sits and looks out and I sometimes take her out in my arms for a bit of a walk. I should get her a harness so we could go for walks.
    So glad Max is back...that must have been an awful scare. I've lost many an animal over the years.


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