Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Running Water but not Rain, Rain, Rain!

We woke up to another rainy morning but it seemed to be improving and there was a bit of blue sky.

As we now had running water. I began cleaning the cottage kitchen.

Thanks for the wet footprints, Spencer!
I had lots of cleaning stuff!

Whilst I was cleaning, the heavens opened and the rain set in for the day. 

Luckily our drainage gully was still working and diverted the water to the storm drain.

Now the proud owner of a generator, Chris made a start on building his workbench, keeping dry under the barn. Once the workbench is built, Chris will be able to use it for all sorts of jobs that need doing here. He will most likely start with making the doors lots of woodwork.

He worked on this all day and was very absorbed.

In the afternoon, I had another attempt at mopping the cottage living room floor tiles and part of the kitchen. It now looked much better. We have come to the conclusion that the cottage must have been flooded at some point as all the floor, even the under stairs cupboard, has a similar muddy residue. We're quite high up and there aren't any rivers close by so we think the flooding was probably due to the neglected drainage gully and broken guttering.  I've managed to mop up most of the residue now.

Clean kitchen floor tiles
We had these huge Toulouse sausages with mashed potatoes for dinner. They were very tasty but quite salty.

It had been such torrential rain all day, Spencer hadn't been out much. He wasn't even interested in fetching his tennis ball. I think the ground was so soggy he'd got fed up with the feel of it under his feet. 

After dinner I took him for a wander around the back of the house where it's very overgrown with long grass and brambles. He enjoyed sniffing around in the long grass even though we were both getting soaked.

We saw our little windmill from a different direction.

It's difficult to imagine that this overgrown land will be a front garden one day!

But it will be, I promise!!

I love wandering about and imagining how it will be in the future!

I'm so glad you popped by!

Maggie xx


  1. My mouth is watering for those sausages! They look so tasty.

  2. Your floors are looking very clean and pretty and you'll have a cozy little cottage kitchen in no time! Dreaming and planning is half the fun!


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