Friday, 29 August 2014

So the Bar is also the Post Office?!

We had set the alarm for 7.30am as we needed to get up early to go shopping. 

Our focus was to buy the ladder today. We also had lots of other things on the list. We planned to go to Castorama DIY store in Quimper but also the supermarket, the Mairie, the post office and fill up with LPG gas. 

Whilst Chris was in the shower, I heard some noise and noticed that a huge container had been dropped off at the bottom of our drive. I went down to investigate concerned that we wouldn't be able to get Harvey J out. The container was so full of french beans that they were toppling out onto the road. I thought that we could probably just about get out. I needn't have worried as a few minutes later a lorry turned up and the driver loaded the container (with quite a lot of trouble and swearing in French) onto its trailer. 

We noticed later on when we got back from shopping that the huge piece of metal from above the wheel that had been causing problems for the driver had been discarded into our hedge. 

Oh well what's one more piece of rubbish for us to dispose of?!

Before we went out, I put Max in the cottage living room with a bed, food, water and a litter tray as we thought he would be happier there than cooped up in the carrier travelling around with us all day. 

Spencer came with us of course. 

To start with, we headed for the post office in town. We had to pick up a letter from the bank that proved our address for our account. Chris dropped me off and I headed to a blue and yellow building (the colours of La Poste) but soon realised it was the community centre. Doh! I noticed that the bar opposite had a small Relais Poste sign above it, like this.....

I thought it was a little strange above a bar but I went in anyway. Chris was busy parking Harvey J. 

It was only about 11am but there were already a few customers sat at the bar. They turned and said 'Bonjour'. I returned the 'Bonjour' and the bar owner came around from behind the bar. I said something in French like 'J'ai un papier' and showed him the slip we'd been left by the postman. I felt relieved when he knew exactly what I was talking about. He led me to a small post office station in the corner. It was a bit like this but smaller....

The bar owner found my letter in a drawer and asked me to sign. He was friendly and didn't want to see my passport for identification. I suppose because it was pretty obvious from my English accent, stumbling French and 'camping car' parked outside! He bid me good day and I did the same to him and his customers.

We then went to the Mairie to thank the secretary for her help with the water and to ask her for the details of the plumber she had recommended and also an electrician. It turned out that they were one and the same! And the same person also did heating! We struggled a bit with the French whilst we were there but the secretary was very patient and very polite. 

We then filled up with LPG in Quimper, did the supermarket shop and then off to Castorama. This was our first time here, and I liked as it was very airy and had loads of choice. 

Castorama, Quimper
We found most of what we needed there including a wheelbarrow (hooray!), a hose, cement and temporary fencing to keep Spencer safe from the road. We didn't find the ladder we wanted though which was the main point of our visit. We decided to try Brico Depot again as they had the ladder Chris wanted but it had been out of stock the week before. Unfortunately they still didn't have it. So we headed home rather frazzled and with no ladder. 

When we got home Chris was reversing Harvey J into the drive when we realised we were stuck in the mud. The ground was so sodden from all the rain over the last few days. We managed to manoeuvre it out again with boards and Chris's driving skills. 

I let Max out from the cottage. He was stretching after a long afternoon kip. He'd eaten some food so I knew he'd been pretty happy.

After a cuppa, I picked some blackberries. Then we put the new hose together with connectors. This was going to make it much easier to fill Harvey J's water tank from the cottage kitchen. We'd been using a watering can up until now! 

Chris looking very pleased with the new hose!
I also put our new doormat down at the cottage door. Lots of new things today....a wheelbarrow, a hose, a door mat and a laundry basket!

We had a quick and easy tea with blackberry crumble and custard for pudding.

Just before turning the lights out, this pretty moth flew into the was much bigger than it looks!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Oh my! That is quite an adventure...You guys are so courageous!

  2. I can't imagine trying to communicate everything in a second language. It's good everyone seems nice.

    In the States, we are used to stand-alone post offices for the most part, though they do sell stamps at many groceries. I was surprised in Ireland to see the post offices often combined with little gas stations. I guess you have to be adaptable wherever you go!

    Pretty moth!

  3. It's very interesting to see shopping centers in other countries and how economical are their postal offices. We could do with some like that. Good job on the hose!


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