Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Day Max the Cat Disappeared

 I had a rather sleepless night. 

Max had been out all night. When we had gone to bed, we couldn't find him. I felt pretty sure he would be outside this morning waiting for his breakfast. But he was nowhere to be seen. He hadn't eaten the food I'd left out for him so he hadn't been back in the night either.

 I was getting rather concerned so I put on my dressing gown and went outside to call him and have a quick look around for him. Still no Max.

I said to Chris that I wanted to walk around the perimeter to look for him. Then up and down the road. The road was a very quiet country road but every now and again, a vehicle would go by, probably going faster than it should. I didn't want to think too much about that scenario at the moment.

The voice of reason, Chris said we should have our morning cup of tea and then have a proper look. I think he was hoping that Max would have returned in the meantime. We had our mug of tea, then our porridge, all the time looking out and calling him every now and then.

We then quickly got dressed and walked around calling for him and checking the undergrowth. 

We listened for him as he often meows when you call him. 

I was getting pretty anxious but I tried to think positive and also took the opportunity to take some photos of the back roof.

We walked up and down the road and checked the ditches, just in case........ But there was no sign of him at all. 

During the rest of the morning, I became more worried and upset. I spent most of the day calling him and looking for him. I went through every scenario from thinking he had just gone on an adventure jaunt to explore new territory to him being bitten by an adder, stuck down the well or the septic tank, killed by a fox or just plain lost and not able to find his way home again. He had an identichip but I now wished I'd put a tag on his collar with our phone number.

I tried to take my mind off it all by making a shepherds pie and doing some laundry by hand. 

I also did some research about adders and found that usually the adder would come off worse in a cat to adder confrontation. I read one story about a cat that regularly brought home dead snakes as presents for its owner. Lovely!

This made me feel a bit better. Although I kept wondering if this would apply to an older cat....Max was 15 years old although still pretty fit and agile. Chris reminded me how fearsome he could be. Like the time when a large Staffordshire terrier had confronted him in the road back home in England. Max had launched himself at that poor dog, hissing and spitting, and the dog had ran back to his owner's van, tail between its legs.

Chris was also very concerned about Max but he took his mind off it with practical stuff. He made great progress with his workbench. In fact he finished it. He'd also fixed his wood and engineering vices to it. He just needed to decide where was the best place for it in the workshop.

I put some tuna out for Max as he loves it and I thought it might attract him back. 

Later in the afternoon, accompanied by Spencer, I cut some more brambles down by the oak tree. We cleared to the edge of the large pond.

A muddy nose, by the edge of the pond
The huge empty pond
The canopy of the oak tree branches above the pond
By the end of the day, my hope of seeing Max again was fading. I knew cats go walkabouts but Max tended to keep close to home. I had a horrible feeling he'd come to a sticky end. I was beginning to have feelings of guilt about bringing him to France. Although I knew he'd been so relaxed about the travelling......

...and had settled in so well to his new environment.

I just wanted him back now.

Apart from being upset, I was also thinking that I would have to visit the neighbouring farms and other neighbours tomorrow to ask if they had seen a black cat. I tried to translate what I would say to them in my head. 

So, at 10.15pm, just over 24 hours since I last saw him, I was still waiting for Max to come home. I truly hoped that a future blog post would tell the story of how he came home. I didn't think I'd get much sleep tonight.

Thanks for visiting,

Maggie xx

The above was my original post but just so you don't worry or feel too sad about Max, I'm adding this. Dear little Max arrived back safe and sound in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep and opened the door and there he was! Little rascal!!


  1. Oh dear; come back, Max!

    Our little Oreo is our "miracle kitty;" shortly after we brought her home she disappeared. My son, especially, was heartbroken. We prayed, and then my husband found her in the woods on a dark and stormy night!

  2. Oh dear, I was waiting for the return of Max at the end of the post. I'm so sorry.

  3. Oh, I am glad your kitty came back! Did you tell him not to do it again?


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