Friday, 22 August 2014 may say I made a Discovery

I had a rather restless night's sleep after I awoke in the middle of the night to find Chris shining a torch through the window to check the barn. He had heard a piece of metal crash and was investigating. It was all rather spooky shining a torch into a very dark barn but Chris didn't think anything of it. My view was that what would we do if we did see some shadowy figure in the torchlight?.....I'd rather hide under the duvet and keep quiet!

Chris couldn't see anything so concluded that it was probably an animal maybe a deer that had stood on one of the pieces of metal at the side of the barn.

Of course I then found it very difficult to get to sleep as I was thinking of prowlers around the van!

Morning came, thank goodness, and beautiful daylight! 

I cleaned the windows on the front door of the cottage and Chris put a washing line up.

Spencer and Max by the washing line
After lunch, we headed for Gourin for our appointment at the bank. All went well and we now had the important account information to take to the Mairie so that our water could be connected. 

We then went supermarket shopping and filled up with water at the service point. This would see us through until we were connected.

Good thing we did as when we arrived at the Mairie there was a notice on the door saying they were closed for the afternoon (they are usually open on Friday afternoons). So we would have to come back on Monday.

We weren't too worried but it would be lovely to have running water one day!

On the door of the Mairie, there was a poster about a local fĂȘte coming up soon. I thought it would be nice to go as we would love to meet some of the local people.

We headed home for a cup of tea. 

I then decided to cut back some of the brambles and laurel trees that had grown up around the front of the farmhouse.

I made a discovery amongst the undergrowth. A structure that we think is the well house.

In the this the well house?
It's near to our windmill which used to pump the water into the cottage so it would make sense.

We think that the well may 'well' be under the metal hopper! Sorry!

It didn't look easy to get to as there were lots of very large stones around it.

Structure possibly the well house
By the time I'd discovered this structure, my energy levels were running low and it was also time for dinner.

We would return to investigate another day.

We had dinner and then a peaceful evening, making plans for which jobs to focus on over the weekend.

See you next time and thanks for visiting.

Maggie xx


  1. So many discoveries to be made I'm sure. Your French must be pretty good. I can't imagine being able to function without English. I'm such a provincial!

  2. This is so exciting. What did you use to get the weeds down so nice? I love the clothes line too. It's like Swiss Family Robinson. I can't wait for the next installment! Enjoy...even though I know it is hard work.

  3. So exciting Maggie! you are an adventurous pair.....can't believe you took the dog and the cat! it's a wonderful project. A lot of work too! I can see lots of french vintage finds in your future, and lots of guests I expect! Look forward to seeing it's progress. X


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