Thursday, 28 August 2014

We're Going on a Meter Hunt

It was a case of great minds think alike this morning as both Chris and I had been thinking about the electricity situation.

The electricity situation = No electricity!

Due to the electricity report we had received during the sale proceedings, we knew it wasn't going to be possible to have electricity in the farmhouse. So we had kind of written off the idea of electricity being connected during this visit. But we had both been wondering if it was worth contacting EDF or an electrician to see if it was possible to have some electricity at least...maybe in the cottage. 

We realised we didn't know where the meter was. I know it would seem like one of the first things you'd usually look for when buying a house but because we'd thought we couldn't get connected in addition to being busy with other things, it hadn't really crossed our minds until now.

So first thing after breakfast we went on a meter hunt!

 We checked the cottage first. As an aside, whilst up in the loft of the cottage I took this photo of the huge bath like tub up there. 

Large tub reservoir in the cottage loft
It's the reservoir for the water drawn from the well by our little windmill and used to supply the water to the the way it's not working at the moment!! Not really a surprise!

Our little goes round...but doesn't draw any water at the moment!
We couldn't find the electric meter in the cottage, farmhouse or anywhere else. So Chris tried to trace cables to the source whilst I tried to find clues on the internet. The internet had decided not to work today... very very I gave up on that. 

We had another idea that it may be in the well house which was covered in brambles. I went out there armed with secateurs and loppers but soon realised there was no way an electric meter could be hidden under all this undergrowth, huge boulders and rubbish. 

The well house
Next idea was to give our estate agent a call to see if she could shed any light on it's location. I just couldn't waste anymore time looking for something that didn't seem to exist. 

The estate agent told me that the meter had been removed!

By now it was late morning and the weather had taken a turn for the worst. It had started raining again heavily. 

A bit fed with the rain and the electric meter situation, I suggested we go out for while, maybe to the garden centre to pick up a few things. I wanted a wheelbarrow to help with the all the rubbish collection and garden waste....after all it was on our list! I also thought we could visit the Mairie to let the secretary know that our water was fine now. But Chris wanted to get on with building his workbench so in the end we compromised by taking Spencer for a walk down the lane after lunch. 

There would be no retail therapy today!

Before going out for our walk, I tried to ring EDF, the English speaking line, to ask about the meter and what the procedure was to get a new one. I tried three times, had to choose various automated options only to get cut off after 5 minutes each time. Very frustrating!

It was great to get out for a walk even though it was raining. We went down a lane just across from our house. It's beautiful countryside. 

We didn't meet any people.....

......or see any traffic.......

.......but we did meet a cow and her twin calves....

....and these friendly heifers....they were so interested in us....not frightened at all.

When we passed our house, Chris noticed a tall concrete pole with cables and boxes at the base. I pointed out that this was on our land. 

So could this be the elusive electric meter?! 

It was all overgrown with brambles as would be expected! We decided that we'd come back later to investigate. 

When we got back from our walk, I decided to scrub the stone wall in the cottage living room as it was very blackened from a woodburner that had been there previously. 

I concentrated on the worst part under the flue hole. It was hard work.

I was amazed at how many buckets of black water I had to dispose of. 

  I think the scrubbing made some difference but it needs a lot more work!

Chris continued constructing his workbench and made excellent progress. 

The workbench starts to take shape
The workbench has a top!
After dinner, armed with secateurs and loppers (seemed to be becoming standard kit), we went to investigate the boxes on the concrete pole. After much cutting of brambles, Chris cleared an area around the pole and there were definitely electric cables heading for our house. There were three boxes, one of which looked very much like a meter box. We fetched a screw driver to open it and inside the box there was the meter! how come the estate agent had said it had been removed?!!

It didn't matter now. We were just very pleased that we'd found it. We vowed to contact EDF in the morning.

When we returned to Harvey J, there was a beautiful rainbow just above.....

There's a rainbow there somewhere if you look hard!
It kind of reflected our mood!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. How very strange, but wonderful!

  2. So there's not gold, but electricity meters at the end of the rainbow!! Well done for sticking with it.

  3. Good for you guys finding the meters and electric. Good detective work! Chris is amazing on building his workbench in an afternoon and you scrubbing your little heart out on that yucky wall. Great progress you 2!


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