Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Lovely Visit and a Box of Veggies

The excitement of owning a little piece of Brittany was keeping me awake at night! I had woken at 3am and just couldn't get back to sleep as my mind was so full of things I want to do here. I managed to doze off at about 6am and didn't wake until I heard Chris putting the kettle on at about 9am.

By the time I had got myself up and went outside, Chris had already been busy. He'd fixed the new door handle on the cottage door and it looked so much better.

We were visiting our neighbour, Henri, at 2pm. I put some old clothes on for now then went and threw the ball for Spencer for a while as he would be inside for the afternoon.

Chris was fitting an old beam at the base of the double doors of the workshop for extra security.

I cleaned Harvey J, we had lunch, put Spencer and Max in the cottage, changed, then made our way to Henri's house following the map he had drawn for us.

Henri was waiting for us. He welcomed us into his house and introduced his lovely wife, Yvette. Henri wanted to show us his garden but it was raining when we arrived so we sat around the dining room table, drinking a beer and chatted about this and that. Their daughter arrived with her 3 year old son. He was so sweet and came up to us automatically offering up his little face for a kiss. His mum then put him to bed as it was naptime. 

The rain had now stopped and Henri showed us his garden. Chris and I were expecting a lovely flower garden but it was much more than that. Yes there were beautiful flowers but also lawns, an orchard and two huge veggie plots with a vast and diverse array of vegetables some of which I didn't recognise. He told us that you could grow anything here in Brittany. He was very proud of his garden and proceeded to pull up veggies for us to take home. Yvette fetched a box to gather them all in.

After the veggie garden, Henri showed us his tractors, his old milking parlour and the rabbits he bred for eating. 

We then thanked them and bid them au revoir. We had a large box of veggies to take back with us. Henri and Yvette had been very kind and we had spent a lovely couple of hours with them at their beautiful peaceful home.

It was nearly 5pm when we got home and I decided to cook some of the veg for tea. I choose something that looked like a big stalk of celery called Côtes de Blette which Yvette had told me to peel, boil, then cook it au gratin. I also cooked a cabbage. We ate them with mashed potato and chipolata sausages in the cottage kitchen.

I don't think I'm going to want to leave next week......I love it here so much.
I hope I sleep better tonight.

Thank you for popping by,

Maggie xx 

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  1. I remember not being able to sleep when I was really pleasantly excited about something and it usually had to do with plans for my house or farm or decorating which could involve just about anything and then of course gardening and landscaping. It does interfere with your sleep but the plans and dreams are so fun!
    What great neighbors you have! I've never had neighbors like that.....I wish! Those vegetables are gorgeous.
    The lock on the door is really pretty and it sets off that beautiful wood....nice job Chris! You motivate me to work harder around here!


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