Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Delicious Crêpes and a Gentle Walk

Despite getting up early, the morning flew by. We had planned to go to the DIY stores, Bricomarché and Monsieur Bricolage, at Carhaix Plougher, as recommended by our neighbours Henri and Yvette. Both stores closed for lunch at 12 noon til 2pm. We had a lot to find so we decided to leave the trip until the afternoon. 

In readiness for the curtains, I made a start on cleaning the walls around the cottage back door.

Then, as we'd both had showers and were looking respectable, we went to the crêperie in town for lunch. We were very glad we did. The owner was welcoming and the food delicious. We will definitely be going again.

Earlier Chris had noticed the LPG level was on red so we headed for Rostrenen to fill up at the Intermarché petrol station. We arrived and were pleased that there was also a Bricomarché there too so we could do our DIY, grocery and LPG shopping all in one place. 

After several hours and a tea break in Harvey J, we found most of what we needed and headed home rather jaded.

When we got home, I had a nasty headache but Chris was straight to fixing the downpipe.

My headache was starting to subside and I thought a walk with Spencer would do the trick.....

....just to the bottom of the garden behind the barn.

 I love the tall tree there that makes such wonderful tinkling rustles in the breeze.....

I must find out what type of tree it is......I think it's a birch?

What will this be one day, I wonder.... 

An orchard maybe.....with chickens? 

I felt better for the fresh air and the sun was going down.... I went back to Harvey J to make an easy dinner.

After dinner, Chris and I discussed the things we had left to task list for tomorrow.....digging a hole for a recessed met post, adding new adapters to the hose and turning up curtains.....

Time for bed I think!

Thank you for visiting,

Maggie xx

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  1. Those look like birch leaves but I'm no expert. French Crepes? And I'm hungry right now too! How much land do you own there? Yes, an orchard for sure as they take years so A.S.A.P. ...I wish I would have planted one when I came here but I wasn't going to's been 12 years....the orchard would have been fully mature by now. What a gorgeous place! I love the windows too.


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