Monday, 1 September 2014

Get that Hard Hat On!

With the alarm set for 7.30am, we left reasonably early for the Brico Pro DIY store at Rosporden. When we arrived it was much smaller than we expected especially compared to Brico Depot and Castorama. It was a good store though and we found some new locks and some really nice wrought iron effect door handles. The staff were really helpful too and went out of their way to help us. We noticed they did glass cutting which may be useful in the future as we have several panes of glass that need replacing.

Unfortunately we didn't find the ladder we needed there so we soldiered on to Castorama as we were pretty sure they had one that would fit the bill. It had to be at least 6 metres high and we thought we had worked out how to fit it in Harvey J. Luckily they had one in stock. A good one with a wide base and a reasonable price of €179. Again the staff were very helpful. We managed to slide the ladder in at an angle through the side door and Chris secured it with bungee straps.

It was now lunchtime and we went to McDonald's as I wanted to use the free WiFi.  My son, Will, would be catching a flight to Australia the next day and, as he had a one way ticket, I didn't know when I'd next see him. It was lovely to speak to him using FaceTime (similar to Skype) on my Ipad. Luckily due to FaceTime and Skype, we'll be able to chat often when he's on the other side of the planet!

My son Will and myself last month in Nailsworth, England
Using the free Wifi in Mcdonalds, I also needed to take out a contract online with EDF as I'd had no luck at all trying to phone their English speaking helpline.

That all done, we then returned home and, after a cuppa, I had a quick kip. I awoke to find Chris clearing some old wood from the barn with his custom picker upper....a piece of wood with a nail in the end! Simple but effective!

The new ladder is a beast!

I decided not to feel too guilty about having a nap as Max had decided that it was good idea too!

Chris had also already fixed one of the new door handles and it looked great.

We then started clearing some of the wood and rubbish from the front room of the farmhouse. Somewhere we hadn't really tackled so far.

Chris made a start wearing his baseball cap but I insisted we wore our hard hats as the ceiling's a bit dodgy in there.

Loads of rubbish to clear and sort.....a bit daunting but we try to approach it methodically.

We then had a lovely alfresco meal of sausage and mash.....

....all washed down with Breton cider of course.

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. First off, I really like the door hardware you chose. Very nice. Second, that is quite a ladder! When you told the price, I thought it was kind of expensive, but then I saw how large it is, and with the extra support part. Third, best wishes to Will. Facetime and Skype are wonderful. My husband Facetimes his elderly father every day, and we used Skype several years ago to keep in touch with our daughter while she studied in Ireland.

  2. The more I see of your photos the more I see how much you have to do. I spent the first six years, before my husband retired, staying in France during summer trying to do as much works as possible, it was tough but I think it all paid off in the end. I met a lot of the locals before we moved on a permanent basis as well which helpedKeep up the good work. Diane

  3. That door handle was made for that door! Perfect! It looks like it's always been there. The ladder is nifty and should meet all your needs.
    Good luck to your son and thank goodness for Skype and Facebook etc for helping us all stay in touch!


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