Sunday, 14 September 2014

Going Home

With the alarm going off at 5.30 am, we struggled to get up. We had a quick cuppa then did some quick last minute chores. We had calculated we could leave at 6.45 am at the latest but we didn't actually leave until later as Chris had difficulty fixing the access barrier in the pitch dark.

Chris had to put his foot down driving to Roscoff. We must definitely leave earlier next time and have a different regime for the day before. This was the first trip though so we could make allowances!

The ferry was leaving at 9.15 am and we were meant to arrive 60 minutes early as we had the cat and dog. We were late and the man in the passport booth gave us a light tap on the wrist. It was all OK though and we boarded the ferry quickly. With Spencer and Max settled in the motorhome, we went upstairs and found some nice comfy seats. Chris fetched a coffee and we ate the huge pains au chocolat we had bought from the local boulangerie.

The 6 hour trip went pretty quickly. We read, played games, chatted, sewed, dozed and had an English breakfast for lunch. This ferry was so much more comfortable than the outgoing one and it really made a difference to the trip.

We arrived in Plymouth slightly early and soon we were on the road home. 

Back to reality but feeling very unreal!

This had all been such a wonderful experience....a new life in a different country speaking a different language and learning new customs....and etiquette!

I felt like we'd been in a little glowing bubble in the middle of the French countryside.

A life within a life.....

I'm so going to miss our little piece of Brittany....until next time we're here....

Thanks for's been lovely to have your company.

Maggie xx

Even though we are now home in England, I will still be posting occasionally about our next trip and other things related, so please still pop by.

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  1. I'll be watching for each new post!

  2. It's been lovely reading about what you've been doing, and like Michelle, I look forward to reading more - but I'll also visit your other blog too. It's great that you've found two good friends in your neighbours, and I'm sure you'll make many more, as you become part of your village's life.

  3. The ferry guys are usually good even if you do arrive a bit late but I do not travel with animals so....

    Looking forward to your return. Diane

  4. How often do you plan on going there? Is it seasonal? Are you not going now until Spring? What an adventure and how long is that ferry ride? What a great life you 2 (4) have created together!

  5. So looking forward to reading about your next adventure at your Brittany home. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your lat posts!

    keep well

    Amanda x


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