Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Great Expectations?

Last night's cider must have done the trick as we slept until 9am. I only woke once in the night at about 5am when Max jumped down from above the cab and landed on my head!

Max and Spencer were hogging my duvet in the morning so I got up and washed my hair...what bliss!

The duvet hoggers
Then I joined Chris who was back in the farmhouse front room....carrying on where we left off yesterday.....sorting wood and rubbish.

The thick cobwebs in here reminded me of the room in Miss Haversham's house from the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations.

I love these windows though...can't wait to see them all cleaned up....

We found the old fireplace beam. A bit rotten at one end but we've put it in the dry and will see if we can restore it to its old place one day. We're really glad we've found it as we thought it had probably been ripped out and stolen.

The old fireplace beam
You can see where it should be...this fireplace needs lots of work!

After lunch Chris made use of our new ladder and cleaned the gutters at the back. He also replaced some guttering that had fallen down.

I cleared away the clods of mud and plants from the gutter and emptied them into the pond. The first step to refilling it!
We can't see that we will ever want such a large pond (or swimming pool!)

Starting to refill the pond
Later we pretty much finished clearing one side of the farmhouse front living room. It's now easier to imagine what this room might be like in the future. Luckily I have a good imagination!
When I say cleared part of the room that means cleared compared with all the rubbish that was in there originally. There is still lots of wood that we have now put on shelves and lots of large stones that had fallen down from the floor above....some with our help as they were suspended precariously on some rotten boards. We thought they were better down now than surprising us by landing on one of our heads later!

We made a start on the other side of the living room and Chris brushed the cobwebs away.....

Whilst clearing the brambles by the oak tree last week, I had found some old car parts in the ground including a broken windscreen. Wanting some fresh air after the dust of the farmhouse, I attempted to pick up most of the glass. It was a bit painstaking but I didn't want Spencer getting glass in his paws.

I then cooked dinner whilst Chris sorted through some of the hardware we had found around the place.

Dinner was a curry and a glass of red wine.

We then did a bit more clearing up before finally laying down our hard hats at the end of the day.

Spencer was definitely ready for bed....Spencer! That's my quilt!

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Maggie xx


  1. I am really enjoying reading about how you are bringing this lovely old building back to life. You are both really hard workers - I'm afraid I would have just been overwhelmed by the enormity of it all! The door handles look lovely, and fit in with the ambience.

  2. Oh, it's always a pleasure to read your stories, Maggie!

  3. You really are working hard at this cottage and you tell me that you need a new roof and new fosse. Wish we could send our roofer up to you he was great. He did the barn first and then we had a hail storm that broke 15 tiles over the house so that came next. We ended up with the whole roof being redone. Looking forward to your next instalment. Diane

  4. I am so like you guys! I can see how it will look and the stone and windows are so beautiful and the fireplaces will be so cozy to sit by someday. Will you move here permanently someday or is it just for vacations? I could so see myself working on that place. I love working on projects like that. You have a beautiful place there...I can see it too!


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