Saturday, 13 September 2014

Last Tasks on our Last Day

Our last day....oh no....I'm so going miss it here...I knew I would feel like this.....

When we woke up there was a beautiful sunrise through the barn...

We had a list of jobs to do before we left for home in England.......Chris was already busy with his door security measures.

I hemmed the other curtain for the cottage back door.

It was peaceful sewing at the kitchen table and I hope to do lots more sewing there in the future.

Next time I will try to bring my sewing machine and make some quilts and cushions and other homely stuff!

 We had our morning coffee and Chris rang our neighbour Henri to let him have our number and thank him again for the veggies. Henri also said he would keep an eye on the house for us whilst we are away and will ring us if there are any problems. We also sent a message to our other neighbour, Serge, asking him to ring us if he notices any problems with the house. I'm so glad we have met such a friendly neighbours.

I returned to my curtain and hung it up at the back door. It looked lovely.

I was pleased that I'd now put up a curtain at the front and back of the cottage...they will make the place look more lived in whilst we are back in England.

After lunch, I decided to tackle the woodworm in the cottage staircase.

Before I made a start, a tractor pulled up outside and it was Serge. I got the gist (he speaks very fast French) that he would co-ordinate with Henri about keeping an eye on the house. We all chatted for a while and then we showed him around the barn and inside the farmhouse. He kindly offered to help us next time we are here with felling the oak tree using his tractor. He was keen to look down the well we had uncovered and then he bid us 'au revoir'. We were pleased that Serge had dropped by and I thought we had managed the conversation quite well in French....we'd maybe even improved a little!

So back to the woodworm! Donning mask and gloves, I applied the treatment.....under and on the stairs....mainly the risers. Hopefully this will do the trick.

Chris spent the afternoon doing odd jobs including digging out the area underneath the downpipe.... the well.....

.....fixing some wood into the cottage flue pipe upstairs to stop all the grot coming down and landing on the living room floor.....

...and positioning some large stones to discourage anyone from driving up the side of the house.....

Now, Max, no going walkabouts just when we're about to leave!

I continued to clear the moss and vegetation from the rest of the front of the house.

Again to make it look a little more lived in whilst we are not here.

This is how it was when we first arrived....

We had a nice pizza and cider dinner al fresco before doing all the last minute tasks and packing the van. Luckily we didn't have as much stuff to take home with us but Chris was still working until 10.30pm and Harvey J was in chaos!

We had to leave early in the morning to catch the 9am ferry at Roscoff.......

Today it had really dawned on me how wonderful this whole experience had in our motorhome.....renovating a beautiful farmhouse......surrounded by peaceful countryside......making new friends......speaking in a different language.....wonderful..wonderful...

Thanks for joining me,

Maggie xx


  1. I used to hate returning to the UK before we made our move permanent, I so missed France. Wish we had a well, this year has not been too bad as we have had masses of rain, but generally there is a lot of watering in summer and we have to pay for every drop! Keep well Diane

  2. How long had you been planning this? Did you always know how to speak French or did you learn in order to do this? I just think it is so wonderful and did you get Harvey J with this in mind too? Do you both work full-time? Do you have other vehicles besides Harvey J? I'm asking because I'm wanting an old farmhouse myself but just not in France. LOL! That would be a bit of a commute for me! Your curtains made such a difference. They're gorgeous.

  3. You two have been very busy and it shows. That's wonderful about having neighbors willing to watch over your new home while you are away. I can't wait to see what you do on your next visit.


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