Sunday, 7 September 2014

Measuring the Well

Thank goodness I slept much better last night. I felt really cosy wrapped in my duvet and apart from Spencer waking me up at 5am to go out (very unusual for him) I slept right through.

We had croissants and homemade damson jam for breakfast instead of our usual porridge. It made a nice change and less washing up!

Chris wanted to cut another large bough off the oak tree. We had to clear some undergrowth so that he could put the ladder up. Unfortunately in the undergrowth we discovered a large pile of asbestos roofing. 

Asbestos roofing in the undergrowth
This is a typical example of how when we decide to do one thing another thing turns up that has to be done before we can do the first thing! 

We decided to clear the asbestos but it was well embedded into the earth and there were brambles and ivy growing over it and through it. As health and safety officer, I said we should wear our masks just to be careful. We soldiered on for while but the sun was beating down on us and we got so hot in our masks. In the end I said we should come back when it was cooler and Chris didn't disagree.

We went into the farmhouse front living room where it was cool and sorted some more wood and rubbish until lunchtime.

The side with the small fireplace was now looking much clearer....

Compared with how it was when we arrived!

I then swept the cottage door recess where every spider in Brittany seemed to have taken up residence! 

I couldn't get all the webs but it looked much smarter now. 

I also cleaned out the drainage grill outside the cottage door. 

A photo of a drainage grill and a doormat.....interesting isn't it?!

Another bucket of mud went towards filling in the pond.

Chris finished making the recess in the farmhouse workshop door frame for the new lock. Pretty wood shavings! 

Chris also replaced the broken pane of glass in the farmhouse living room window.
We then sat in the cottage living room and drank a squash. We could see the well house from there. 

This sparked an idea....Chris said we should measure how deep the well was. He fetched a rope with some large nuts on the end for weights and then lowered it down. He tied a knot in the rope when it hit the water and then again when it hit the bottom. He hasn't measured it precisely yet but we estimated it's about 7 metres deep in total with 3 metres of water.

For dinner, I wanted to use some of Henri's veggies.......

....and decided to make a vegetable lasagne......

.....only I didn't have any lasagne sheets so a replaced them with pasta shapes and added some chorizo so it turned out to be a chorizo and veggie pasta bake. I also made a salad and some coleslaw.

The boys took an afternoon break.......

........then Chris climbed into the farmhouse back loft and threw down (carefully) some wood and rubbish.

The meal turned out to be very tasty. Good thing as I seemed to have spent most of the afternoon preparing and cooking! 

The best thing is that there's enough left for tomorrow's dinner so no cooking tomorrow!

After dinner, we put our feet up for a while......

......then we went outside to gaze at the full moon.

 Thanks for joining me!

Maggie xx 

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  1. What a great day on the farm! It reminds me of when I had my little farm and oh how I miss it. What a beautiful picture of the evening moon. Your table and dinner looked delish! What is "squash" it's a vegetable but you talk like it is a beverage? You've piqued my curiousity! Such a lovely cottage!


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