Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Moss, Doors and a Lost Ball

An early start again today....

Max and Spencer were enjoying the morning.

I did a bit of laundry.....maybe the last wash I'd do here as it was hometime on Sunday.

Real mixed feelings about going home.....looking forward to sleeping in our comfy bed, having a decent shower with lots of hot running water, seeing friends and family, getting back to running my online fabric business and having a washing machine and a car.....in no particular order by the way....

However I am so going to miss this beautiful place. This lovely old farmhouse, the sweet cottage, the peacefulness of the surrounding countryside, the friendliness and helpfulness of our French neighbours, the food, the wildlife, the satisfaction of making this place just a little bit better with each small thing we do and giving it all the TLC it deserves. I could go on forever with this list. It's been such a wonderful month but it will end on Sunday.

The good thing is that we'll be back.....hopefully in not too long a time.

Back to today and practical matters!

In the morning, I did a couple of chores on the internet including finding the telephone number of the vets we had passed in Gourin. I rang up and managed to make an appointment (speaking in French!) for Friday morning. It's for Spencer's wormer for the pet passport scheme.

After morning coffee, Chris did some carpentry working on fitting a piece of wood over the gap above the farmhouse front door.

I started removing the moss and vegetation from the back wall. The moss had been revealed when we cleared the long grass whilst digging out the drainage gully.

I spent most of the day working on this. I had to take regular breaks as it was hard going on my back with all the bending down but I finished it just after tea. Hopefully the wall will dry out and it looks so much better and more cared for now.

This is how it was when we first arrived......

Chris also did some more work on the double doors of the farmhouse workshop.

I couldn't find any squash in the supermarkets here so we bought some fruit syrups. We've become quite addicted to them. This peach one is delicious.

In the afternoon, Spencer went into mourning for his old ball. Every now and then I play a game with him throwing his ball into the pond. He loves running in to get it and bringing it back. One throw and it got caught in the branches of the tree and couldn't be found. We fetched the loppers and Chris went in the pond to see if he could find it but it was stuck in the branches and we couldn't even see it. Spencer could see it and smell it and sat in the pond looking up and barking. I fetched him another ball, this one was an old ball too but it wasn't good enough. Spencer just wasn't interested in it. He wanted his old ball out of the tree.

An early start tomorrow...off to the DIY store and supermarket.

It's been great to have your company!

Maggie xx

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  1. Chris is so talented...how does he know how to fix all that stuff? Looks like he put up new gutters too? It's all looking so homey and loved.


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