Friday, 5 September 2014

No Electricity This Time!

A misty morning. 

Today we needed to go to the bank in Gourin, go supermarket shopping, fill up with diesel and visit the Mairie to pay our water bill.

We didn't get going until gone noon. We recycled some bottles in the town and then headed for LeClercs in Gourin. Chris pointed out a cooker and a table top fridge that were very reasonable at €149 and €109. We were in there for ages and it was 2.30pm by the time we came out! 

We had lunch in the car park, filled up with diesel and then drove to the centre of Gourin to park. We went to the bank to pick up our cheque book and card but there was a problem as they hadn't received the confirmation from the post office about our address. We were helped by two nice ladies who said we could take our cheque book and card but wouldn't be able to use them until next week. This was ok....we could pay for the water at the Mairie next week but afterwards I realised that we would probably have to come back to the bank to check everything was ok......I wouldn't want to write out a cheque if there was any possibility of a problem. However we had noticed there was a vets clinic in Gourin (for Spencer's wormer for the pet passport) so we could combine the journey with that.

We headed home and got on with a few jobs. 

Chris replaced two panes of glass on the farmhouse kitchen door and then started fixing the broken lock. 

I sorted the shopping, made a cuppa and then took down the old brown curtains in the cottage. 

I was hoping to put up some nice blue and white curtains that I had brought from home in England. 

Unfortunately I didn't have the right fixings and they also need turning up so that would be a job for another day.

We had bought some lovely new glasses for the cottage as we thought it would be nice to have some there for a drink of squash when it's hot. We were still mostly living in Harvey J, our motorhome.

I then managed to get online and onto EDF 'mon espace'. I thought it would take me through the process of getting the electric connected. But no such luck. Very frustrating. 

I felt I had been trying to get this electric connected for ages...meter searches, phone calls, website forms, seemed like a bit of a wild goose chase. After some more research online, I found that if your electric had been cut off, you needed to make an appointment with a ERDF engineer and that alone could take 5 to 10 days. Well, we were going home in 9 days so it hardly seemed worth it now. We would have to wait for the luxury of electricity until next time.

Over an easy tea of pizza and garlic bread, we discussed the jobs that needed to be completed before we went home.....quite a few including securing the house and making the roof watertight.

Even though we had lots to do, we were really looking forward to our visit to Henri's house tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you for visiting!

Maggie xx

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  1. I can't get over how handy Chris is. Is he a carpenter by trade? How did he know how to replace glass? I have to google everything and even then it's a bit "iffy". LOL! I almost bought a stone farmhouse that I fell in love with but my husband at the time nixed it. It was a shame because it had another house on the property that could have been rented out and provide another income. I loved the windowsills because they were so deep. I wonder what that wood is on your windows and doors as it has really stood the test of time and still looks good. How old is that farmhouse?
    I love the glassware and sorry about your frustrations with the electric and the bank accounts but it will all get straightened out eventually. I think there's always a bit of that when you move but probably more so when you move to a different country.


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