Monday, 8 September 2014

We now have a wood store and beware of the hairy knee!

We woke up quite early at 8am!

It was forecast a hot day with temperatures reaching 27 degrees later.

Before it became too hot, I decided to brush the recess of the doorways for the farmhouse kitchen and cottage back door.

A bit better?

I found Max sitting peacefully by the oak tree and the pile of asbestos roofing.

In the night some of the grot from the cottage flue had dislodged leaving a nasty mess on the floor.

I swept it up. We'll probably have to put a board across to stop this happening whilst we're away.

Next task was to remove the asbestos roofing. There was still some half buried in the ground.

Gloves and masks were's all glamour here!

....then Chris showed me a cut he had from his saw so we had to undon our protective clothing and I had to be nurse for 5 minutes!

Plaster applied, it didn't take too long to clear the asbestos and now it is stored safely until we can dispose of it in the correct manner.

Now that the asbestos was cleared, we could position the ladder so Chris could take down the oak tree bough.

All went well except for the lopper getting stuck up the tree but we managed to retrieve it later.

After lunch, I started clearing the area in the barn for our wood store.

Lots of sawdust, bits of rotten wood, ivy, mud, leaves, rusty nails, 2 tractor windscreens.

 It didn't take too long and then I started stacking the oak branches. was small but we now had a wood store!

Chris was busy all afternoon reinforcing the farmhouse front door. It's a very old oak door....probably the original....still pretty strong and still has the old bolt.

We had dinner then Chris cut up the remaining oak branches into manageable pieces and I stacked them with the rest in the new wood store.

We both felt pretty tired after a busy and hot day.

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Huzzah for wood stores! We have a granule burner as our main heat supply, but we also have a wood fire. Thankfully, our English neighbours (holiday home) bought an enormous store of wood with their house. As they never come in winter they said we could help ourselves to what was there. Thank you, Charles & Angela!! We will need to collect all our bags of granules before the beginning of December though, as Mr FD is scheduled for a hernia op and won't be able to lift anything for 2 months after that!

  2. I wish you guys would come here and help me.....everything looks so nice, neat and clean when you get done!


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