Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Creperie Lunch with Friends

We got up in a leisurely fashion as there was no point in getting stuck into any jobs as our friends Bob and Val would be arriving mid morning. 

We did a bit of tidying and they arrived at 11am. I hadn't met them before. Bob was a former colleague of Chris's. We all had coffee in the motorhome. They had bought us some lovely eggs from their own chickens. They also keep goats and sheep.

We showed them around the place and then I suggested we go to the creperie for lunch if they didn't have other plans. They seemed pleased and we drove there in their car. We all had the plat du jour which consisted of a cold meat starter, turkey breast with pasta and I chose a salted caramel crepe for dessert. VERY VERY NICE!
We returned to our place for a cup of tea. It was lovely to meet them and they said we must visit them soon. 
After they had left, Chris dragged some of the oak branches out of the pond where they had fallen last year. He chopped some of them up and put them in our wood store. The weather was so much warmer today. I was feeling pretty tired so I relaxed in the motorhome and then I suggested we take Spencer for walk over the road. It was a pleasant walk with a pretty sunset. 

When we returned, a tractor was going round the fields around us with a chain harrow. 

waved but wasn't sure if the farmer had seen me. We haven't met the farmer who owns the fields around us yet. 

Chris was messing about using his magnetic stick to pick up some old bolts in the barn. 

Later on I made a bacon omelette for tea with our friends chickens eggs. Delicious!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. What a cozy environment and you are surrounded by beautiful countryside. I just love reading this and it is so motivating I want to get sewing, painting and refurbishing everything around me. I like your pace though as you still take time to enjoy people and life whilst still making progress on your homestead. What a grand adventure!
    Wow! Fresh egg and great neighbors! So happy for you.


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