Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Homemade Bread and Something for the Birds

After taking a lovely hot shower and washing my hair, I stayed inside Harvey J in the warm until my hair dried as it was pretty chilly outside although a lovely sunny day. 

I spent the morning making some bread. It was from a Wrights packet mix, garlic and rosemary focaccia. 

haven't made bread in yonks and it was fun. I put it in the wardrobe to to rise as the gas heater below warms the wardrobe up. The focaccia turned out much better than I expected...

...and was delicious with cheese for lunch. 

Chris seemed to approve anyway!

Chris had spent the morning moving logs and clearing the area round the pond. 

In the afternoon, he wanted to tackle another couple of branches on the oak tree at the front. 

The plan is to ultimately cut the tree down which is a shame but it's too near the house. 

Chris went up the ladder with the lopper....

....whilst I stood on the bottom rung with Spencer as safety officer!

I managed to capture this atmospheric shot of the branches with our windmill....

Not long and the branches were down...

....we then cut and tidied them up and added them to our wood pile. 

After a cup of tea and a slice of lemon drizzle, Chris sorted the rodent traps and I made a start on cleaning the cottage kitchen ceiling.

I then emptied two of the boxes we had brought with us that were full of kitchen stuff....

....and distributed the bits and bobs....

...making the place look a bit more homely. 

In the box, I also found this beautiful bird feeder that my sister Ros had given me for Christmas....

 I found a couple of places to put it on the outside the cottage back door...

....and one outside the farmhouse window....

....where it will stay for now....

Whilst I made a curry for tea, a tractor started ploughing the field next to us. 

I love seeing this farming going on around us!

Thanks for joining me!

Maggie xx


  1. It's lovely to catch up on what you are doing in the house. Busy doing things but busy making new friends and meeting old friends too. How lovely! You & Chris are working SO hard - I'm sure it is going to be wonderful ...eventually!!!

  2. Love the bird feeder and that focaccia looks fantastic. You have both been busy. Diane

  3. Just love the stone of the farmhouse; I'm sure you do, too!

  4. Yum, the bread looks tasty. Enjoyed the pictures; it's just such a lovely place.

  5. I haven't tried making foccacia but I will now as yours looks delicious. I used to have 20 acres and they farmed next to us and there were cows on the other side and I did love to watch the seasons take place through a farming perspective.
    The bird feeder looks perfect for the house style. Your kitchen is looking cozier....hard work washing and/or painting ceilings!


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