Saturday, 14 March 2015

Max and the Dodgy Barn

We both had a really good nights sleep tucked up in our winter duvets. Chris was up early at 6am making a cup of tea. We then dozed for another hour or so before we got up and had breakfast.

I looked pretty goofy this morning.....

 It was pretty much chaos........

so we unpacked Harvey J., transferring the double bed, tools and other things to the cottage. It would give us some room to breathe in Harvey J. 

I decided Max could have a wander around outside.

 I didn't think he'd be out for long as it was bitterly cold outside. 

He explored around the barn....

.....and later on found his old favourite spot on the corrugated iron at the side of the barn.

This time Max and Spencer both have trackers attached to their collars. I tried the tracker out today and it was brilliant. I found Max every time and it was good fun tracking him!

Whilst I was tracking Max, I took some photos of the barn. The far end section of the barn has deteriorated and there is a large piece of corrugated metal swinging.

 Before we arrived Chris had said that he thought the far section might have fallen down. It hasn't actually fallen down yet but it won't be long. At some point soon we will dismantle will give us more garden!

It looks so different across the fields at this time of year without the high maize crop that was growing around us last summer. 

The ground was very squelchy and muddy outside Harvey J..

We'd parked outside the cottage door this time....

In the cottage, I swept and mopped the cottage living room before we transferred the double bed in there. 

Chris then reassembled the bed....although we won't be sleeping in there yet....

...whilst I cleaned some kitchen cupboards and rearranged things in Harvey J. 

At morning coffee time, Chris telephoned our electrician to see if there was any progress with our supply. Unfortunately not yet but he was going to chase them next week. We both felt a bit frustrated with the progress so we discussed what we could do in the meantime. We decided to go and buy a gas heater so we could warm up the cottage whilst we are working in there. So after lunch we popped to Rostrenon to the Brico Marche there and also to fill up with LPG gas as we were running low. We found a heater and we had fun (not really) trying to speak French asking about regulators and gas pipes! We got back at 6ish and it was too late to try the heater as it was getting dark so we settled down in Harvey J and had lasagne for tea. 

Another early tired!

Maggie xx


  1. Argh! You're working so hard. I know you love it, though.
    Max is a good boy and you know I love that cute Spencer!

  2. I just love your open view, though I guess it will disappear as the corn grows again this summer. It's just a lovely place, Maggie. I can see why you both like it so much.

  3. Just love reading about how you are doing so much, there is something very enthralling about your plans and progress.

  4. Just caught up with your last two posts. Have visitors arriving tomorrow for 5 days so it has been hectic here with spring cleaning!! What a great idea trackers on the animals, I wish I had thought about that years ago when we had a dilly beagle!!!

    Good luck. Diane x

  5. I agree with Rhodesia - a good idea to have the trackers on the animals. It must give you great peace of mind. You are already so busy. I feel guilty as we are so LAZY about doing stuff around the house.

  6. That's a great idea to use trackers on your pets. I will keep that in mind if we end up another wandering cat. It is FRUSTRATING!!!, I know! Our house was livable, but every time I renovated a room, I ran into some unforeseen problem. Someday, you and Chris will be drinking wine in your beautiful renovated home. Admiring all the work you two did together, click glasses and salute to "Never Again!" LOL!

  7. So glad no one broke in or trashed the place while you were away. Your days sound like mine and I have a fully functioning house! LOL! It is nice to have 2 people as there are things I just can't do by myself and no one's offered to help and I'm not good at asking for help especially from the neighbors here. I hope you have good ones!


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