Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mother's Day Walk and Tout est Clair

We both had a good nights sleep apart from being woken up by Spencer's dreaming noises at about midnight!

We had our usual porridge and I opened a lovely Mother's Day card from my son George. 

He'd personalised it with photos...himself, his brother Will and Spencer. I was thrilled. 

It was a pretty damp and chilly morning. 
The ground alongside the cottage was very wet and muddy so I came up with the idea of using some old insulation blocks we had found lying around. We put them along the walkway to stop our boots getting completely laden with mud and to stop turning the ground into a quagmire. 

Chris got the gas heater working in the cottage. 

It was chaos in there so we attempted to sort some of it out. 

Transferring tools etc into the farmhouse workshop and putting things away in cupboards. I opened the velux windows in the cottage bedrooms to air them and took a photo of our beloved windmill. 

We had morning coffee in the cottage living room by the heater. 

During the morning a van pulled up. A lady introduced herself, said she was an agricultrice, made milk and lived across the fields. She had lost her dogs during or because of 'la chasse' (hunting). She gave us her number in case we saw them. She also said if we needed anything to call her. She was friendly and nice. 

Chris then took down one of the cupboards in the kitchen.

It was in a awkward place above the table. Now the room looks bigger and you don't bang your head on the cupboard when you sit at the table!

I put my art nouveau calendar up on the wall and also a humorous bottle opener that George had given to Chris for Xmas. 

After lunch and a little nap, I suggested that we take Spencer for a walk. We turned right along the lane and then took a track up through some fields. 

We let Spencer off the lead to have a run around as there was no livestock around. 
On the way back, I took some photos of the back of the house. 

We could see it better now there are no leaves on the trees. 

The gorse has beautiful yellow flowers at this time of year. 

I was feeling pretty tired by the time we got back so a I made us both a drink, did some knitting and then prepared the dinner...sausage and mash. 

We also had a text message from our Facebook friends, Gail and Rod. We hadn't met them before but they live just down the road from us here in Brittany. I said that they could pop round any time. They said they would come tomorrow afternoon. 

After dinner Chris disappeared into the cottage. When he came back I asked him what he'd been doing and he said he'd made a massive leap in home improvement. I asked him what this was and he said go into the cottage and find out!

It was dark by this time but we went into the unlit cottage. Chris said open the toilet door which I did. He then said step forward. I did and a light came on! I know this seems like a simple thing but with no electric and a toilet with no window, this is pure luxury. Chris had fitted a motion detector light above the door and also a mirror on the wall. I was so proud of him!

Thanks for joining me in our adventures!

Maggie xx


  1. Wonderful so interesting !!

  2. Yikes! You look cold! Well done, Chris! A little light is better than none. Don't work too hard, Maggie!❤️

  3. I'm reading in reverse -- now I fully understand the happy picture of the two of you in the mirror. Well done, Chris.

  4. Heat? water? light? indoor plumbing? You guys are living "high in the hog" as we say here in the states! LOL! How great to have neighbors coming to visit and Chris is so handy. I need a "Chris" here! Love the pictures from afar and also what is a "gorse"? It has beautiful flowers but I have never heard of it. Great "mirror" picture!


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