Monday, 16 March 2015

New Friends and a Bag of Walnuts

We got up reasonably early to a cold misty morning. I went into the cottage kitchen. In the understairs cupboard I noticed what looked like insect larvae on the floor. I hoped these were woodworm larvae as I had applied woodworm treatment last time we were here.

cleared the kitchen ready for washing the ceiling as I wanted to start painting it. 

Soon this will painted white, all fresh and clean. 

I was keen to get started but I went to find the sugar soap in the cupboard and it wasn't there. I looked everywhere but realised we didn't have any. Funny as I can remember buying some back in the summer. Never mind. 

We weren't planning on going out today so I had to change my plans and do something else. We decided to get the old cooker out and check the connection to see if we could use it. 

Chris connected it up and the burners all worked. So we just need to get another gas bottle, regulator and new pipe. Then we'll be able to boil a kettle and cook stuff on the hob. Hooray! I cleaned behind the cooker and also gave the cooker a really good scrub clean until it was gleaming!

We had morning hot chocolate. I then cleaned the mirror and shelves in the cottage downstairs toilet. 

We had our lunch and our facebook friends, Gail and Rod arrived just after. It was lovely to meet them. Gail had brought me a pot of homemade marmalade to swap with one of mine. 

We showed them around and then had a cuppa in the motorhome. They were very chatty, helpful and had lots of useful info. They asked us if we'd like to come back to their house. They had been renovating their house over the last twenty years and they wanted to show us. 

So we went in Rod's car. Gail showed me around their lovely garden, and I met the chickens. We then saw the house and gite and they showed us photos of before the renovation. It was pretty inspirational. We sat at the kitchen table and chatted about all sorts of things. Their neighbour Helene came in for a coffee and we had a conversation with her in French. 

Rod dropped us back home at about 6pm bearing a big bag of walnuts and with the promise of a blackcurrent bush later in the week.

In the meantime we had received a call from Chris's colleague Bob who lives with his wife Val about an hour away from us in the Cote d'Armor. They said they would like to visit us at morning coffee time tomorrow. I was looking forward to meeting them and suggested that we take them for lunch at the local creperie.

We had tea and relaxed for the evening. 

Thanks for joining me!

Maggie xx


  1. What a social time of it you're having this time around!

  2. You are getting masses done! Glad you are enjoying it. xx

  3. At least it's not all work! Love the picture of the two of you in the mirror.

  4. Glad all is going well. Keep up the good work. Diane

  5. Sounds like you are settling really well overthere!
    So nice to get advice and ideas from fellow "builders" :-)
    Love from Mirjam.

  6. I love how you and Chris are always happy and take things in stride. It is an adventure and so wonderful that you are being welcomed so nicely by such friendly neighbors.


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