Thursday, 19 March 2015

Oh those Pains aux Raisins!

Thank you so much for your kind comments. It's so lovely to receive them and I love sharing our adventures with you!

This post is a bit short of photos as we were out most of the day. 

Today we went shopping. Lots of things to get from the DIY and grocery stores. We also needed to fill up with LPG, diesel, fill a can with petrol for the strimmer and swap an empty gas bottle for a full one. 

We stopped at our local boulangerie to pick up bread and some of their huge and delicious pain aux raisins. Lovely lady in there. 

We went to Rostrenon arriving at just after 12 noon. Of course we'd forgotten that the French shops close for lunch. Bricomarche was shut til 2pm but luckily the Intermarche was open so we did our grocery shopping then had lunch in Harvey J in the car park. We had bought some artisan sausage and some Boursin to go with our bread. What we called our first proper French lunch and it was delicious!

We also had half a pain aux raisins with our after lunch cuppa. 

By the time we had finished the DIY store was open so we braced ourselves and went in. We found an incinerator, an aubrietia plant with a little tin pail to put it in, we also found the regulator and gas pipe we needed for the cooker in the cottage.

We arrived back home at about 5.30pm, pretty tired. The tractor was back in the field next to us and the driver gave me a friendly wave this time. We put some of the shopping away, then put our feet up with a cuppa. I cooked pizza for tea.

Chris then phoned our French neighbour Henri whom we had met last time. They chatted for a while and he said he may pop by on Sunday. He also said we were welcome to pop by to see him one afternoon. It was nice to be back in contact with him. We also texted our other friendly neighbour Serge to let him know we were back and that we hoped to see him soon. 

Looking forward to getting the cooker up and running tomorrow and spending some time in the cottage. Apparently there's going to be a solar eclipse in the morning!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. There is nothing I dislike from a good French boulangerie, yum yum. Sounds like you are doing well and it is so nice when you have great neighbours. Take care Diane

  2. Just been catching up - you have been very busy! Happy Easter! xx

  3. Bread with raisins? It looked like brioche or something with lots of egg yolks in it. It looked delicious but I've never heard of it. I love DIY stores and we have those (2 hours away) but any homemade baking is done here by Moi as we have no bakeries of any worth or restaurants or fresh cheeses etc. I have to order over the internet which can be very pricey! Lucky you! You have such great food over there while here you have to go to a specialty store to get decent anything and it is expensive. They have destroyed much of our food supply here in the states by factory farming and spraying pesticides but many (like me) are signing petitions and raising awareness hopefully!


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