Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rain Wind Rain Wind

Well it just hasn't stopped raining all day today and there have been strong winds too.

I have spent most of the day in Harvey J. I did venture into the cottage and cleaned a door! Chris sawed some wood in the barn. 

I've sorted out some paperwork for our electrician and tidied a couple of cupboards, but apart from that I've spent most of the day knitting!

Max has been happy to watch the rain through the window. 

Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow and I'll get some more jobs done!

Maggie xx

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  1. We've had lots of rain here this Spring too and it has been unseasonably cool but great for working outside except for the rain! Not that I don't have plenty to do inside because I assure you I do! LOL!
    Are thoes gloves you're knitting? Whatever it is I love the yarn!


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