Friday, 13 March 2015

So lovely to be back in Brittany!

So we're back! 

Having taken an overnight ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff, we arrived at the house at 10.30am. 

Everything is just how we left it and we are so pleased. 

We had a wander around in the rain. One thing that is different is the pond is full of water!

The cottage is just the same with the table laid as I left hopefully give the impression it's lived in!

Spencer's wet footprints!

The doors are all still locked and no one has forced their way in. 

The farmhouse is just as I remembered. 

It's been dreadful weather all day so we've taken it easy and rested up after the rough ferry crossing as we didn't get much sleep last night. 

I've done some knitting and generally chilled out. 

We've transferred a few things to the cottage. The woodburner, some tools and some cakes (!) but the pine double bed is still above the cab...a job for tomorrow when we have a bit more energy!

Max and Spencer have settled in already. 

I decided to keep Max in today as it's such bad weather outside. He can have a wander about tomorrow. 

We've had a visitor already. Someone to practise our French on! A man called Loic enquiring about if we were interested in selling our windmill. No chance! We love our windmill! Loic makes staircases so we took his details as we will need a staircase in the farmhouse one day.

An early night as we're both so tired. 

So glad to be back and to have your company too!

Maggie xx


  1. Did I know you are a knitter? Cool! So glad your beautiful Brittany place was as you left it; must have good neighbors. I just met some of ours this morning for the first time (shameful to be so busy and not introduce myself sooner) when they called over to ask if they could visit the lambs. He's an FBI agent; I feel safer already; ha!

  2. I am glad that all was as you left it, although it would have been good if the work fairies had been visiting I guess! xx

  3. I am so exited that you are back and that everything is OK. I look forward so much to the continuation of your renovation.I hope that you have some better weather soon.

  4. You are good little busy bees! I can tell you are so happy to be there.

  5. Oh good! I was wondering when you'd be back in France. I know you're happy to begin again on the renovations.

  6. Glad to hear you had a good journey! Have a lovely visit back to the Lovely Farmhouse. Good to see Max has a cosy blanket. We had SNOW on Wednzesday. Brr!

  7. So glad you are back and I can't wait to read's like a good novel! You should publish this as a book when you get a ways including recipes and sewing and knitting patterns! How great would that be? I'd buy it for sure! What are you knitting?


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