Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar Eclipse

We got up and went outside hoping to see the solar eclipse that was happening around 10am. 

Unfortunately it was very overcast and the sun was nowhere to be seen. It did go a bit darker and got very cold for about half an hour but nothing to be seen really. 

We went back inside for a hot chocolate. My friend Gail had messaged me asking if she could pop by tomorrow with a couple of friends she wanted to introduce. I was pleased and said of course. 

After our hot chocolate, we decided to fit the gas bottle to the cooker. 

After much deliberation about regulators, we were happy that all was ok and the burners seemed to be working fine so we boiled my bargain Le Creuset kettle on the hob. 

We put our CO2 detector in the cottage to check it all out. 

Max spent most of the day on his bed on the mezzanine level! It was very cold outside and he certainly wasn't bothered about any eclipse!

We had lunch then Chris was determined to do some strimming. 

He did a fantastic job of cutting a path at the front of the house. 

He also put some of the side panels back on the barn. 

I started painting the cottage kitchen ceiling. 

I finished the three rows that I had cleaned a couple of days ago.

I then made a shepherds pie in the cottage. 

The first meal I have cooked in there. It felt great! We ate it in Harvey J though as it was a bit too cold for sitting in the cottage. 

Let's hope the weather warms up soon. 

Maggie xx


  1. You are making real progress. I love the bucket of flowers by the door, what a sweet, welcoming touch.

  2. It rained right through the eclipse down here! We have had a whistling kettle ever since we moved to France and we do have electricity. I have to agree though wish it would warm up a bit. I gather the wind is going to be bad over Easter, but hope you have a good one. Diane

  3. You are making a HOME! Love it!

  4. Your flowers are so sweet and you've got a stove now and Harvey J is such a great "backup". I really need a Harvey J too! I hope it warms up for you too! I also need to charge my "weed whacker"...thanks for reminding me!


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