Thursday, 26 March 2015

Solution to the Squelchy Mud Situation

It had been raining most of the night.....

...and everything was pretty soggy outside when we woke up....

Last night we had been discussing the driveway and path and how to improve them. 

Chris said that under the layer of moss and mud, there was a hard gravel surface.

Amongst other things, Chris pottered in the workshop whilst I spent the morning in the cottage sorting out my new purchases,.... the cottage.....

..,.as well as rearranging the living room so Chris may be persuaded to sleep in there soon.  It looked really nice with the bed against the wall.

 Better than I had thought....

Tomorrow night is forecast as 10 degrees at night so we are going to try then. Will be nice to be in a normal bed!

Chris fixed the lock on the cottage door. 

Max seems to have found another favourite place! A plank of wood. 

A lovely lunch!

In the afternoon I continued painting the cottage kitchen ceiling. The white paint was reflecting the light and lightening the room. 

Chris cut some branches and pruned the trees opposite the cottage door to let more light in. 

He also started to shovel the top layer of the drive to reveal the gravel as he had thought. 


If we could remove this top layer, it would certainly help with the squelchy mud situation. 

Toulouse sausages for tea! 

A great evening listening to music from Chris's iPod through Harvey J's stereo including Monster Mash and Jean Michelle Jarre. 

Thanks for joining me!

Maggie xx

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  1. I love the simple life and I think I may have been a pioneer in a past life! LOL! I love reading about people who work hard and take care of things as I truly do love to see things at their best and I love refurbishing old things and I REALLY love watching you 2 create a cozy home in the the French countryside!


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