Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Day Out in Scaer

So we braved the cottage living room as a bedroom last night. To be honest neither of us had a great night's sleep. The gas heater had run out of gas in the evening so we had no heating. That wasn't so bad but we both were kept awake by various things. Chris had heartburn, Max was scratching and scrabbling about, I found it hard to sleep in such pitch darkness. When we woke up in the morning, I made us a cup of tea which we sat up and drank in bed....

Then we had breakfast and all was fine but it would be much cosier with some heating and also the electric!

We decided to have a day out today and visit the nearby town of Scaer where we have fond memories of staying at the aire and taking Spencer for walks. 

Once we'd parked up at the aire, we walked into town. Unfortunately we were a little too late for the Saturday market. They were just packing up. We went round to the pizzeria hoping to have lunch there but it was only open in the evenings. We found another restaurant hoping to have le plat du jour but when we were seated realised they only served it during the week. A classic tourist mistake! It was expensive and Chris wanted to leave but I persuaded him that it wouldn't be so bad if we just had a main course and a bottle of water. So we stayed and the food was superb. 

After our lunch we went back to Harvey J to collect Spencer and went on our old walk along the track that used to be the old railway line. 

 It was a lovely walk with happy memories. 

We'd spent time here when we had viewed properties in France. 

And we had had many discussions along the way about the pros and cons of different properties. 

When we had finished our walk, we popped to Le Clercs to change the gas bottle and get a few groceries. We noticed that there was a launderette in the forecourt of the garage. This could be really handy for the next few weeks. 

We then popped to Point Vert, a garden centre we hadn't been to before. We found a reasonably priced gate. 

When we got back home, we both felt that we would sleep in Harvey J tonight as it was much cosier. 

I spent the evening knitting whilst Chris played his guitar. 

It's been so lovely to have your company.

Maggie xx 

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  1. May I ask why you decided to buy a farmhouse in France and not England? I can see why you love the old railroad track trail....lovely scenery and no crowds! Have you retired there for good or is it for future retirement?


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