Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Jolly Good Day All Round

This morning Chris went out to the barn to continue with his repairs......

....and I did the final coats of paint on the top kitchen cupboards.....

Late morning we had a visit from our friend and neighbour Henri. He had brought us the latest copy of Central Brittany Journal. He stayed about an hour and we showed him our progress. He's always very helpful and is very knowledgable especially about gardening and wildlife.

We had lunch and not long after, another friend and neighbour Serge popped by. He said he would help us with cutting down our oak tree together with Henri. Next week some time. We were very pleased. 

In the afternoon, I deep cleaned the area where the cooker hood had been. The sides of the cupboards will be the next areas for me to paint. 

I didn't like the tiles at first but now they're growing on me!

Chris was working in the barn and I helped him move an old tractor tyre. 

Max was outside all day enjoying the warm weather. 

Late afternoon I asked Chris if he would fix the knobs on the cupboard doors. I had brought with me a selection of  ceramic knobs. 

Soon Chris had measured, drilled the holes and fixed the knobs on the cupboard doors. 

They looked lovely.....

I love the quirky randomness!

It had been a really good day and it got even better when, after tea, we had an email saying our electricity will be connected on Tuesday!

I can't believe it... Electricity! 

Hair dryer! Vacuum cleaner! Lights!

It's been lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. Thanks so much again for some wonderful posts and updates on all that you are busy doing, it is all so uplifting.

  2. The kitchen is looking so much more cheerful. You're doing a wonderful job. Electricity -- yay!!

  3. Love those knobs, so colorful and pretty! And "yay" for electricity!

  4. Oh I love the ceramic knobs, Maggie!

  5. I love your knobs! They're beautiful and I like that they are all different. Congrats on the electric coming soon to a farmhouse near you! LOL! You will be spoiled now. Progress will really ramp up now. Wonderful news for you and what wonderful neighbors you have.


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