Saturday, 18 April 2015

Baby Lamb Cuteness!

Friday 17th April into Saturday 18th April

Today I cuddled a baby lamb....just 2 days old!

We've had a wonderful day! 

It started with coffee and cakes this morning at our neighbours'  Pierre and Gabrielle. They are lovely people...very gentle and kind. 

Actually it was the most delicious galettes, crepes, butter, strawberry jam and far Breton. Pierre and Gabrielle then showed us the garden and their chickens and rabbits. 

We then travelled to see our friends Bob and Val who live about an hour or so north of us. They've been residents in France for several years now and have a lovely place with sheep....


Guinea fowl and chickens......

One of the sheep had given birth but rejected the lamb so Bob and Val were bottle feeding it. 

It had imprinted on Bob and followed him around everywhere. 

Of course I had to give it some love and it actually fell asleep in my arms. 

Bob and Val treated us to a delicious meal and it was a very relaxing evening. We stayed overnight and then headed back home on Saturday morning after a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and beans. 

We felt inspired by Bob and Vals' lifestyle. Could we do something similar? I think so!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. How wonderful to have friends there in France. That must help a lot. The lamb is darling.

  2. Aw! Everyone is so nice to you, so you must be very nice yourselves.

  3. They are all around us and so very cute. I well understand why people are vegetarians!! I would love to have guinea fowl but they are soooo noisy!! Have a good day Diane

  4. Are they from England? What a great place they have and for sure you could do that. I'd start with chickens and then you could have your own eggs! What a great weekend you had!


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