Sunday, 12 April 2015

Butterfly on the Laurel

It was cold start to the day but the sun soon warmed everything up and there were beautiful blue skies.

When our friend Henri had called by the other day, he showed me these violets growing under the oak tree at the front. 

He said if you dipped them in icing sugar, they could be used as cake decorations and could also be put in salads. 

He also showed us this plant and said it contained aspirin and was good for headaches. 

This is one of the hulks of wood lying around the place. 

The barn is looking clearer after Chris's hard work. 

This is the view of the field next to us. 

Late morning we cleared some of the branches in front of the farmhouse. 

I then gave the cupboard sides a second coat of paint. 

Chris removed the rustic shelf unit from under the cupboard. It all needs a really good clean.

So after lunch that's what I did. 

I then did some more branch clearance and captured on camera this butterfly on the laurel. 

Chris cleared some rubbish from around the well whilst I cooked tea. 

It was a lovely warm evening. 

As always, it's great to have your company. 

Maggie xx

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  1. You have really motivated me to get things done around here. Especially to finish things I start! Your last picture was just so beautiful and peaceful. The cupboards are looking so good and I love those tiles.


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