Friday, 27 March 2015

Digging a Path and First Coat is Complete

Today we decided that we were going to dig and shovel the grass and mud away from the gravel driveway starting with making a path down the back of the house. We didn't know for definite it was a gravel driveway until Chris had investigated with his shovel. It was so covered with mud, grass and moss. 

It was great teamwork with me breaking up the top layer with my spade and Chris shovelling it into the wheelbarrow. 

In a couple of hours we had a path. Still muddy but less of a quagmire than before. 

It didn't stop raining all day so I made my mind up to finish that first coat of paint on the cottage kitchen ceiling. 

There were three bays left to paint. 

By lunchtime I had only one and a bit left to do. We stopped for lunch and to translate a letter the post lady had delivered. 

The letter was from ERDF. We had to complete a form and send it in with the Cadastral plan. After lunch I rang our electrician and he said he would stop by on Monday to help us with it.

Our friend Rod popped by with some camping gas lamps for us to borrow.  He didn't stop for a cup of tea as poor Gail had put her back out and he had to go shopping. 

I then painted that last patch of celing. 

Hooray! The first coat was completed!

Earlier in the day we had transferred our bedding to the bed in the cottage living room. 

Even though we haven't done much in this room (apart from much sweeping and mopping!), it makes a really cosy bedroom. I think a crocheted blanket makes anywhere look cosy!

Looking forward to spending our first night in the cottage tonight. Let's hope it won't be too cold!

It's been lovely to have your company. 

Maggie xx

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  1. Oh my! The ceiling looks wonderful! I've been wanting to paint but then I want to put the house up for sale so I don't think I want to start! LOL! I can't wait to find my "fixer-upper" up North and start refurbishing it and making it a cozy home like yours. What a difference that white ceiling makes and yes, your crocheted blanket definitely raises the coziness factor! Good job on the path too!


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