Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Electric Gate

We got up and Spencer and Max were enjoying a spot of sunshine together. 

We were wondering what to do next about the electricity situation. Gail's friend Pierre had spoken to the deputy maire who was going to ring ERDF yesterday. I decided to ask Gail if she would come to the Mairie with me to find out about it and help with translation. She had thought the same thing so she kindly picked me up about 10.30am and off we went to the Mairie. I met the maire who was seemed a pleasant man. He said he had noticed the 'camping car' outside the house and asked me if we were going to renovate the house. 

As regards the electric, the deputy maire didn't seem to know much about it and the maire and his assistant advised us to get an electrician to come out, check the existing electrics and ring EDF on our behalf. 

We went back to Gail's and she rang a reliable electrician who said he would come out this afternoon. He also spoke English. 

We chatted for a while then she dropped me back home and I told Chris the news. 

Chris said that Serge our farmer neighbour had popped by briefly and had offered help with the collapsing barn. I was sorry to have missed him. 

We had lunch, then I started painting until Gary the electrician arrived at about 4 ish. He had a look at everything then rang EDF. They said they would ring him back by the end of the week but possibly next week. He took details to send us a quote for a rewire and advised me not to do too much renovating in the cottage until the rewire had been done. 

We were really pleased that something was being done about our electric. 

We had a nice tea in the cottage kitchen, went for a walk round the house at dusk then relaxed in Harvey J. 

We felt pleased with today's results. 

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. So glad you are moving forward with the electric and it seems you have great people to point you in the right direction! I love how things just seem to work themselves out in the right time and in the right order.....life is a journey and I think if we just try and "go with the flow" things seem to work out just right. So happy for you!


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