Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Essential Shopping at Mellac

We got up and made our way to Mellac to get LPG gas and some shopping.

It was a good shopping centre and we went to McDonald's for lunch mainly to use the free wifi but the burger was surprisingly tasty. 

We had a look at the kitchen appliances in a shop called BUT and then went to Intermarche for groceries. We also bought a cafetière, a new airer, a washing up bowl and sink drainer. It's all exciting stuff! 

Later in the afternoon we had an email from Gary the electrician with a quote for the rewire of the cottage. We were impressed by the speedy service and the quote seemed reasonable. Just waiting for EDF now. 

Thanks for popping by. 

Maggie xx

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  1. I like the French press and the the clothes hanger thing. I could use one of those since the clothes line broke and the drier! LOL! Plus my Keurig takes longer to fiddle with than my old Mr. Coffee and the K-cups are expensive and wasteful with their use of plastic. I love stuff like that.....anything that makes my life easier!
    I'm so happy the estimate was reasonable as it can be very expensive and also happy he told you to wait on renovating on the inside. I didn't think of that. Onward and upward!


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