Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Finding the Right Stones

Chris had decided it was time to fill the holes in the wall in the cottage living room.

There were lots of stones by the well that could be used to fill in the holes. 

I cleared the area near where Chris would be working and also sorted out the toiletries to leave here. 

Then Chris could decide which stones worked best. 

Upstairs in the cottage bedrooms, I vacuumed the cobwebs from around the velux windows. 

I don't think I've shown much of the cottage bedrooms before. 

This is one of the bedrooms. Needing much renovation and decoration. 

This is the second bedroom. Again lots decoration needed. 

But will make a pretty cottage bedroom one day. 

It was a beautiful day again. Sunny with blue skies. The crop in the field at the back has grown so much since we've been here. 

There's a black cat in there somewhere!

I'd taken the old coffee table out of the cottage for a good clean. I turned it upside down and found that the base was rotten so it's now in the barn awaiting its fate...a new base or the dechetterie. 

Chris had found some stones suitable for the wall. 

I potted the herbs that our kind neighbour Henri had given us. 

That Spencer likes to get into all the photos!

Je vous presente mon jardin!

Chris was now doing some work on improving the gate. 

Time to stop for a bottle of water. 

Oh Max, what are you like?!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. We have not seen the upstairs in the cottage before, it looks so charming and intriguing.

  2. Love the sloping ceilings and little beams. It's going to be so charming!

  3. Wow, what great possibilities upstairs! Look at all that beautiful old wallpaper they once had there. Did you say "I present you with my garden"? I don't know French but I try since I had Latin and Spanish and can speak neither, lol!
    Sweet Max and Spencer.


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