Wednesday, 1 April 2015

French Practice at Friends

We were up early this morning as we had some tasks to do.

First we went to the local roofing firm to ask them for a quote. They were helpful and professional and are coming out on Friday to have a look at the farmhouse roof.  

Next we went to Mellac to fill up with LPG gas. Then back to Scaer to use the forecourt launderette and a spot of grocery shopping in Le Clercs. 

It was now about 2.30pm. We wanted to pop by our friends Henri and Yvette's. We arrived and they were pleased to see us. I went for a short walk with Yvette and their little grandson. She's a lovely lady and it was good because she spoke in French which meant I could practise! Yvette said the French on the postcard I had sent them was excellent. I was very pleased! I wish I was as good at speaking it!

We then went in and had a drink and chat with Henri and Chris. Their grandson showed us the fish he had made this morning which is a tradition on April Fools day in France. We stayed about an hour then came home to put the shopping away. 

That's all for today. Sorry for no photos!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. I've been reading back through the last several posts. You've been so busy. The ceiling looks so nice with its fresh paint -- clean and bright. I'm sorry to hear your first night sleeping in the cottage wasn't the best, but still, kind of fun to actually get to sleep there! The scenery roundabout looks so lovely (if maybe a bit chilly still), I can see why you chose that area to purchase your farmhouse.

  2. They say that is the best way to learn a language is immerse yourself with the locals! You are really making great progress!


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