Saturday, 21 March 2015

Friends New and Old

We were both awake early anticipating our visitors. We got up, had our porridge and tidied up. 

They arrived about 10.30am. Gail introduced us to Pierre and Gabrielle. We showed them around and then we sat in the cottage kitchen and had coffee and flapjacks. It was lovely and I spoke some French and they spoke some English. Franglish as Gail said! They were a lovely couple, so sweet, gentle and polite. 

When they had gone, Chris carried on with some more strimming and I cleaned the next part of the kitchen ceiling ready for painting this afternoon. 

We had just sat down to lunch and a car pulled up. It was our French neighbour Henri. I went to greet him and offered him a drink. We all chatted a while and we finally persuaded him to sit down in the cottage and have a cuppa (lunch would have to wait until later!). It was great to see him and have a chat. He left after an hour or so and said he would be back later with a copy of Central Brittany Journal. 

We had lunch then Chris did more strimming and I painted the cleaned ceiling. Now one third done!

It was now nearly 6pm and I was about to put the kettle on when Chris said that the tin sheet hanging off the barn was taking another one off too. So he fetched the ladder and, with me at the bottom, he tried unsuccessfully to remove the hanging sheet. 

He managed to secure the other sheet with some nails. 

We then came in from the cold wind to have a cup of tea thinking Henri probably wasn't coming back today. I had just poured the tea in the cups and he pulled up. He had brought the two latest copies of CBJ and also two trays of vegetables. 

Lovely spuds! 

Onions and garlic of course! 

So kind of him. 

Henri had a cuppa with us in Harvey J and we chatted about this and that. 

After Henri had left, we had Pizza for tea with Breton cider! Chris got his guitar out and played it for the first time since we had been in Brittany. 

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Fresh vegetables -- what a nice treat from a kind friend.

  2. What a wonderful neighbour you have. One day that will be you bringing baskets of vegetables in from your garden!!

  3. Lovely times with lovely neighbours! It's chilly down here in the mountains - I hope you have good weather over the Easter weekend. Carry on renovating! It's looking good!!

  4. The vegetables look so pretty! You guys are working so hard. It's good work.
    Take care. I applaud your painting and I admire you for the vision you have for your cottage. Now, why isn't Spencer in the pictures? Max? Thank you for sharing this fun adventure with us, Maggie!

  5. Fresh veggies and what wonderful friends you are making! The ceiling is looking great! Are you brushing it or rolling it? I like the looks of that ladder. I've never seen one like looks like maybe it was specifically made for painting?


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