Thursday, 16 April 2015

Harvey J gets a clean

A bit cloudier today but still nice and warm.

So nice to have breakfast in the cottage kitchen. 

I spent most of the morning dusting and vacuuming Harvey J. We had been living in there for a month and there was a lot of Breton mud!

Chris had the lovely task of cleaning the plumbing from the downstairs sink in the hope of finding the cause of or fixing the leak. 

In the afternoon I did a bit more painting and some polyfillering in the kitchen. 

Max is in this pic somewhere!

Thank you for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Great series of photos. :)

  2. Your hospitable spirit shows so clearly in your photos and words! We are worlds apart but you make your readers feel like neighbors. Bless you.

  3. We have a very nasty leak in our cellar. No idea where from! Please can Chris come over to find the source of our leak too, please?!
    The patchwork looks lovely on the kitchen table & the bedroom looks very cosy too (I'm just catching up wih your posts!) Max is obviously feeling at home if he wants to bee off exploring. Does he have a reflective collar? As a black cat he is in more danger of being hit by a car (even though there are fewer in the country of course!) & a reflective collar might help.

  4. We have had endless problems with our fosse since last year we are sick to death of plumbing problems! Have a good day Diane

  5. Sneaky Max! The table is lovely! That coziness makes me smile!

  6. Who took that first picture of you and Chris? Spencer? LOL! I love your tablecloth. It's not quilted but you have a backing on it? So pretty and really makes the kitchen cozy looking. I hope you both are having as much fun fixing up your farmhouse as I am reading about it!
    I think I see Max in the front yard.


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