Tuesday, 7 April 2015

It's a Budgie!

Tuesday 7th April 

We woke up early to a beautiful sunrise beyond the barn. 

Max was up early too. 

We were going to have sausage and mash for tea tonight so I prepared the veggies first thing. 

Spencer made my dreams come true by sitting in the cottage doorway. 

Late morning, I was looking out of the door and saw a yellow bird which looked suspiciously like a budgie. After a few more sightings, we decided it was more likely a yellowhammer. 

I spent the morning painting the kitchen cupboards whilst Chris took down some old shelving and the residue of the cooker hood from above the oven. 

It was warm enough to open the cottage back door. 

Certainly warm enough to hang out washing to dry. 

By lunchtime the right hand cupboard had a coat of paint. 

I love it that you can see right through the cottage. 

Over lunch we noticed a pair of Great Tits feeding from the cottage wall. 

Chris captured one of them on camera. 

In the afternoon, Chris was back outside working on some barn repairs. After a short snooze, I went back to my cupboard painting. 

Just a couple more coats of paint and the top cupboards will be finished!

We enjoyed eating our sausage and mash in the cottage kitchen with a glass of red wine. 

It's been lovely that you could join me!

Maggie xx


  1. I am enjoying every post here. You are working so hard and the results are amazing. I think it is going to look like a totally different cottage. Looks welcoming already. We have settled in our new home but for us it was all about carpenters and plumbers etc. In India we don't really have a DIY culture, and frankly we wouldn't know how to go about it! You are looking super cute in your kitchen :)
    Have a lovely day and more power to your elbow :)

  2. I really love the way the bright white paint sets off the warm tile, and vice versa! You'll paint the base cabinet, too?

  3. How many coats of paint are you putting on and what kind of paint? Semi gloss, high gloss or just latex wall paint?
    It really looks great from here. I love your little quotation that you placed in the little cubbyhole. Everything you touch makes it just more warm and welcoming. Love the pictures of the "wildlife" too! LOL!


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