Monday, 30 March 2015

Keeping Spencer Safe

We got up bright and early as Gary the electrician was popping round today to help us with the form from ERDF. He telephoned us at 10am to let us know he was on his way. He went through the form but said he would take it away as there were a couple of things he needed to check. He said he would post it for us and let us know when he heard back from them. We're hoping we'll have a supply withing a couple of weeks.

Last night Chris has started working on piece of walnut he had found lying around. This morning the walnut had been transformed into a wonderful coat rack.  This is going to be so useful. 

I spent some time cleaning the cottage kitchen and moved the tea and coffee and veggies over to the worktop from the table. It seemed more practical there. 

I'd noticed Spencer sitting by the fence at the front and I was a bit worried about him jumping the makeshift 'gate' and running into the road. I mentioned this to Chris and said it might be a good idea maybe to just prop our new gate up where it will be installed. Chris was straight to it and fixed the gate in place. 

Much better for Spencer!

After lunch and having finished a sleeve of my knitted jumper,

I set to painting the second coat on the cottage kitchen ceiling. It looks so much better with two coats!

Chris was working on a piece of wood to protect the edge of the floor tiles in the doorway.   

We'll be going out tomorrow. We need some more LPG gas. We also plan to go to the local roofing firm and to pop in on our friend Henri. 

It's been great to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. Good luck with the electricity. Hope it is soon installed for you. Keep well Diane

  2. Gate looks very nice but what about the driveway? It looks to be open...don't mind me...I am always so curious and thinking I might learn something too. It's so nice the electrician is taking care of all that for you. Roof too? Oh boy...that's a lot of work and a big expense. Good luck and enjoy your day out.

  3. P.S. A jumper! What we call a sweater? And cables which I pretty!


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