Thursday, 23 April 2015

Muck Spreading

Max was out and about early. We could see him through the cottage window, sitting on the old well house, spying on some poor innocent creature!

We took Spencer to the vets to be wormed for his pet passport and then did a last shop in Gourin. On the way back we called in our friend Henri but he wasn't in.

When we got back, Chris strimmed the front near the road....still looking for the septic tank!

Just before lunchtime, Henri called in. He said to pop up to see him tomorrow.

Caught anything yet Max?!

In the afternoon, the tractor began muck spreading in the field at the back.

It was interesting to watch them loading up the spreader....

...and then spreading it!

I had been giving the final coat of paint to the base cupboard.

In the evening, Chris fixed some new hooks up for the mugs to hang on.

During Chris's explorations of the stones in the well house, he had found what we think is the old farmhouse doorstep...broken in two but hopefully able to be restored.

New ceramic knobs on the cupboard...looks much better now!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. I will be checking to see when you are back, there is just something about your blog that is so compelling. I wished my own blog had that quality LOL.

  2. Thank you for sharing your Brittany adventures with us, Maggie. You are building a really cozy place over there!
    And I'm still in love with the colourful ceramic knobs :)
    Sunny greetings from Germany XO

  3. Hi, I have enjoyed your blog. We would like to move to Brittany as well. You might consider a coin and relic metal detector. If your house was once a roadhouse or drinking tavern it might be a great place to find coins. Be prepared to find a lot of nails. Good luck, good job on the blog.

  4. What a great job Chris did on the stone wall! And to find the original steps....that's exciting! Will you move there permanently some day? Is that your retirement "villa"? What a great one!

  5. P.S. Love the cupboard you painted and you have really made that kitchen cozy and sparkling!


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