Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My Patchwork Tablecloth

Another lovely sunny day. 

Mid morning Henri popped by with some herbs in a pot. He's so kind. 

He also gave us some advice on cleaning the stone wall in the cottage living room. After he had left, Chris felt inspired and began chipping away at some of the concrete and cement on the wall.....the remnants of what had been supporting a woodburner (we think). 

Now the weather's is warmer, it's lovely to sit in this room with the doors open and the breeze blowing through. 

Maybe knitting and drinking a cup of tea....

Spencer is so cute with his pooh bear. 

I did lots of cleaning and a bit of painting today. 

In the evening I decided it was time to dress the table with the patchwork tablecloth I had made back in England. Can you spot cheeky Spencer? 

It looked just as I had imagined.....

....and adds a colourful homely touch!

An hour or so guitar playing for Chris in the evening. 

So lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. You must not have many bugs, being able to have the doors open without screens.

  2. I was thinking of bugs and snakes too! LOL! But I'm sure Spencer or Max or both would alert you. How nice to be in bed knitting and to be serenaded by Chris. The sweater is really coming along...maybe I'd get more done if I had no t.v.?


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