Sunday, 19 April 2015

Old Dog New Fence

Last Friday, before we left to go to our friends' house, an old German shepherd dog appeared outside. We were in Harvey J getting ready to leave so we stayed inside and observed it for a while. It had a sniff around and then went back up the road and and we watched it go up a track. I was worried it was lost but Chris said it was probably from a farm. 

This morning we were sat in bed having our morning cup of tea when we saw the dog go past the window heading towards the barn. It made its way all the way round and then appeared at the front before making its way back up the road towards the track. 

This situation with the dog acted as a catalyst and Chris decided to construct a fence on the other side of the house so the dog can't just wander in. The dog looks ok but we don't know its temperament or how it would react to Spencer. 

Chris found some old fence posts and shaped the ends to points with a draw knife. 

....before knocking them into place.

This fence will have many advantages and is something we've been planning to do. The main thing is that it will keep Spencer safe from wandering into the road at the front. 

Giving Chris a hand when needed, I cut and cleared a pile of branches at the front. 

Er.....quite a windy day today....

....made for a bad (totally out of control) hair day!

Nice to get out of the wind for a minute and have a cup of tea in the cottage. 

Chris made good progress with the fence. 

It nice to have boundaries sometimes!

Late afternoon it was a bit chilly so I came in, got my sewing stuff out on the table.....

...and hemmed the curtains for the under sink cupboard. 

I'm pleased with them as a temporary measure. 

We don't have to see that green gas bottle any more!

Chris has used a wooden pallet as a makeshift gate at the side of the new fence. 

Chris then cut up some huge tree trunks with his chainsaw (new toy). They had been partly cut by the previous owner but had been abandoned. I kept out of the way whilst he was using the chainsaw but came back to view the results....great wood to split later for our woodstore. 

It's been lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. Love the under sink curtains !!

  2. Love the under sink fabric -- very French!

  3. The German Shepherd could also be a problem if it saw Max! Love your under the sink curtains. It has also been very windy here! Keep well and Max and Spencer safe. Diane

  4. Beautiful fabric. Wandering dogs could be a serious problem if you ever have those chickens, goats, sheep, or such. What is the law in France should a stray/visiting dog kill farm stock?

  5. What lovely curtains! You have such great taste and style. What I really love about the both of you is that you are frugal too. You use what you have if possible and always make it look really nice. Great fence posts too! Glad you put up the fence for your protection and your pets. We have male dogs come around in the Spring but my girls are fixed so they play for awhile and are on their way. We've not had a problem but I have a Rottweiller and Annie is little but she has a BIG sister. Actually, Annie, the miniature dachsund, is the one that chases them out of the yard! LOL!


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