Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pull on the Rope!

It had been forecast dry but we woke up to a drizzly morning.

I'm so glad we bought these flexible mats for outside Harvey J. 

We need a few more yet but they are brilliant, non slip and very durable. When we've finished using them here in sure they'll come in handy in many places. 

Whilst Chris was outside clearing vegetation, I took to the warmth of the cottage kitchen. I had decided to empty the kitchen cupboards.

I wanted to rearrange everything as it had all been put in a bit higgledy piggledy. I also wanted to give them another really good scrub clean at the same time.

I enjoyed working in the kitchen for most of the morning. 

Just before midday, I spotted Max spying happily on some insects or birds.

I called him and he trotted in for some of his favourite food. 

I'm sure that cat has got fatter since we've been here!

Before lunch I gathered the ingredients together....

....and made a couple of for this evening and one to go in the fridge probably for Sunday. 

We had lunch and Chris asked me to help him with cutting another branch off the oak tree at the front. 

It was a big branch.....

....and got stuck in the tree opposite... we resorted to tying a rope around it and approaching it from a different angle....

It came down in the end...

Chris cut it up and we dragged it into the barn to be added to our ever growing woodpile. 

I then went back to finish the cupboard cleaning. I now have the idea that I will paint this cupboard. I had shelved doing this for now as we keep changing our minds about getting new cupboards. We WILL be getting new cupboards but it might not be for some time so in the meantime they will look better painted. So I may have a go tomorrow!

Spencer's been outside most of the day helping Chris with clearing vegetation. 

Thanks for joining me!

Maggie xx

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  1. Okay, now you 2 are making me feel like a real "slacker"! LOL! I just love all the things you both are doing.


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