Monday, 6 April 2015

Sunny Easter Monday

What a beautiful morning. The sun was so bright when I woke I had to squint to look out the window!

Gorgeous blue skies. 

As it was such a lovely morning, I helped Chris gather some of the cut branches....

....before reluctantly going indoors to make some bread. I had to...we had completely run out!

This dough has a face!

Have you seen this cutlery my sister Clare gave me..... cute with little chickens....

Whilst waiting for the bread to rise, I emptied the other kitchen cupboard. The one that hadn't been painted yet. Ready for deep cleaning before painting. 

Chris carried on collecting and cutting up the branches until it was lunchtime. 

Then the focaccia bread was baked. 

I had started a new knitting project...a jumper for my son George. I did a few more rows with my after lunch this yarn!

The skies were still as blue as ever. 

Chris and I have been discussing this laurel bush that's right in front of the farmhouse window. 

It will have to be removed as it's cutting out too much light. 

Max has been loving the sunshine...

He's been outside most of the day sunning himself on his favourite plank of wood. 

In between food breaks....

I cleaned the cupboard in the cottage. It was lovely to have the kitchen door open...

...and Spencer could come and go as he pleased. 

Thanks for joining me!

Maggie xx 


  1. I am sure that you know, but in case you didn't, you can cut laurel back really hard and it will grow back, so if you are undecided about it you could try drastically reducing it first perhaps. xx

  2. Amy's suggestion seems like an option. Such a nice bush, a shame to lose it, but sunlight is important too.

  3. Oh, I wish I had your knitting skills :) I love the yarn you chose, the color is wonderful!!
    Greetings from sunny Germany,

  4. Is laurel where bay leaves come from? If so, with a bush that size, you could supply herb businesses! I too love that yarn and am curious as to what pattern you are using and used in your sweater as I would like to try that for my sons for gifts and one for my daughter and I too! LOL! Spencer and Max are just too cute. Does Max scratch your furniture? I have a female that's been fixed but was going to have her as an inside cat but wondering if I let her out would she be okay? Also, would she stop destroying all my upholstered furniture? I don' t like keeping her in but I worry about her since we have lots of critters here but Max seems to survive both places. What do you think? She's fixed so that's not a concern.


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