Saturday, 11 April 2015

Switches and Sockets

Saturday 11th April 

A leisurely Saturday morning with half a yummy pain aux raisins each at coffee time. 

I combed Spencer which he loved and just lay on his side in the sun enjoying the attention. 

After that I cleaned all the light switches and electric sockets ready for the electricity switch on due on Tuesday. 

They're old switches and sockets and will be replaced when we have the cottage rewired. 

After lunch, Chris continued with the work he was doing in the barn. 

I made some more flapjacks.....

...and at Chris's request, a leek and potato gratin using Henri's veggies. It was pretty rustic....

Late afternoon I gave the cupboard sides their first coat I paint. 

Then it was time to add some chocolate to the flapjacks. 

I put the tea in the oven. We were having salmon with the gratin. Then I made my way to the oak tree at the front. 

I'm sad it's got to go but you can see how close it is to the house. 

 I took a few photos to remember it by.  

 It will be felled by the end of the week. 

The tea was then ready. The gratin was tasty. 

It's been lovely to have your company. 

Maggie xx


  1. Call me a tree-hugger, but I don't think that tree is too close to the house, especially with the limbs trimmed up. Mature trees add so much property value (at least here); I'd keep it!

  2. Yummy! I would like to have tea at your cottage! Aw! Spencer looks so shiny and handsome!

  3. Not heard any more about the electricity - I hope everything is okay!! (Thursday now)

  4. What you call "tea" we call supper and flapjacks in the states are pancakes; for breakfast usually. You flapjacks look like a dessert and a good one too! Your gratin looked wonderful with all those fresh, home grown veggies in it. Hope the electric works and is safe when they turn it on!


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