Monday, 13 April 2015

We're all going on a Max Hunt!

Another beautiful sunrise this morning. 

We went shopping and also visited the roofing firm to finalise the dates for the new farmhouse roof. 

When we go out we leave Max in the cottage. When we get back he's usually keen to come out but this time he wasn't waiting by the door to be let out. Chris went upstairs to investigate and found him making the most of the sun from the velux window. 

Cats aren't stupid are they?!

After lunch I spent the afternoon cleaning and sorting the cottage kitchen. Kind of preparing for our electricity switch on tomorrow! As always I also did some more painting!

Chris enjoyed some carpentry, working on repairing the door frame. 

I love it when Chris and I work in the same place but are doing different things. Happy in our work and chattering together about this and that. 

Out towels dried nicely in the sun. 

Beautiful evening sun. 

Later on, about 11ish, we were sat in Harvey J thinking that it must be bedtime when we realised Max was not in the van. I opened the door thinking he would be there but no sign of him. I went outside and the sky was so clear. There is hardly any light pollution here. The stars seem really near. It's beautiful. 

We activated the tracker to find Max and walked round the place several times. There was just a weak signal but not indicating any direction in particular.  After what seemed a long time, Chris got a signal just outside on the road. There was Max trotting down the road! It was nearly midnight by now so we all went to bed setting the alarm as ERDF could be here at 8am to switch us on!!

That cat likes to keep us on our toes!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Bet you are excited at the thought of having electricity :) Is the tracker limited to distance as that couldmake it difficult if he wanders far? Take care Diane

  2. Cats tend to know which is the best side of life! xx

  3. Yikes! Max is too much of a risk taker! I'm glad he's safe! That CROCS photo is cute!

  4. That Max! Didn't he run off last year too? He's obviously an adventurer.

  5. How does the tracker work? Is it a collar? I would like to get several. Oh, electricity! How exciting!


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